placer miner

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placer mining

The obtaining of minerals from placers by washing or dredging.

placer miner n.
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Noun1.placer miner - a miner who extracts minerals from a placer by washing or dredgingplacer miner - a miner who extracts minerals from a placer by washing or dredging
miner, mineworker - laborer who works in a mine
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When the old placer miner is shot dead in a Calido Run gunfight, however, he has only managed to disclose a few cryptic words about its exact location to his young son.
KPMA is concerned about the future of placer mining, but to be a placer miner you have to be an optimist.
William (Bill) Hong worked hard all his life as a placer miner, and in winter he toiled at many other jobs, from cutting firewood to working on the railroads.
Striking "paydirt" as a placer miner involved a considerable degree of chance and most claims did not supply steady forms of income.
Historically the placer miner has assumed "that what you get out of the ground is what was in it.
All samples are being processed by Jerry Bryde, a veteran placer miner and 1984 World Gold Panning Champion.
It's been a few years since placer miner Judd Edgerton took up the stereotypical pick, shovel and gold pan.
An open-cut placer miner can be taking water from a stream that has arsenic levels of say, 150 ppbs, but the miner's discharge back into the water will have to be at .
Schnabel, 76, believes he is the last placer miner working in all of Southeast.
Connie Parks-Karl, a former placer miner, is currently the president of the Fairbanks branch of the Alaska Women in Mining (AWIM) organization.
Further south near Fairbanks, placer miner Don May operates Polar Mining, the third largest gold operation in Alaska, and he's always on the lookout for productive ways to mine.
Now, the same technology developed for use in Goldstream Mining's Mobile Placer Miner is being sought after and applied to the cleanup of environmental sites across the country.