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 (plə-fŏn′, plä-fôN′)
1. A decorated ceiling.
2. Anatomy The articular surface of the distal end of the tibia.

[French : plat, flat; see plate + fond, base, bottom; see fond2.]


(pləˈfɒn; French plafɔ̃)
1. (Architecture) a ceiling, esp one having ornamentation
2. (Card Games) a card game, a precursor of contract bridge
[C17: from French, literally: ceiling, maximum, from plat flat + fond bottom, from Latin fundus bottom]


(pləˈfɒn; Fr. plaˈfɔ̃)

n., pl. -fonds (-ˈfɒnz; Fr. -ˈfɔ̃)
a ceiling, whether flat or arched, esp. one of decorative character.
[1655–65; < French; Middle French platfond ceiling, literally, flat bottom, i.e., underside]
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They will be channelled through financial intermediaries under CDPs Plafond Sisma Centro Italia APEX facility to individuals and companies that suffered damage, in order to finance repair, restoration and reconstruction work.
6% of isolated OCLs of the ankle occur in the distal tibial plafond (OCLTP), equivalent to a 14:1 or 20:1 ratio of talar:tibial OCLs in the literature.
More Middle Eastern clients opt to rebuild a property than to retrofit, according to Dimitri Papakonstantinou, managing director at Plafond Fitout.
L'ete dernier, un projet de restauration a permis de devoiler l'Luvre de Gustav Hahnartwork au plafond de la Chambre qui avait ete recouverte pendant plus d'un siecle.
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Toutefois, les responsables du HCR nient [beaucoup moins que]le plafond de remboursement des medicaments a 100 dh[beaucoup plus grand que], avance par l'URSM parmi ses revendications.
The third option is to hire a designer to design the space and then to hire a fit out contractor once the design has been finalised," said Shane Curran, Business Development Manager at Plafond.
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Il a egalement signale que les terroristes n'ont pas change le plafond de leurs exigences.
Results: The average angle between tibia plafond and the articular facet of the medial malleolus was 55.
Le president americain Barack Obama a signe tot jeudi matin la loi qui permet de relever le plafond de la dette publique et de mettre fin a la fermeture de l'Etat federal, a annonce la Maison Blanche.
La premiere est surtout remarquable pour son plafond de bois decore.