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 (plə-fŏn′, plä-fôN′)
1. A decorated ceiling.
2. Anatomy The articular surface of the distal end of the tibia.

[French : plat, flat; see plate + fond, base, bottom; see fond2.]
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(pləˈfɒn; French plafɔ̃)
1. (Architecture) a ceiling, esp one having ornamentation
2. (Card Games) a card game, a precursor of contract bridge
[C17: from French, literally: ceiling, maximum, from plat flat + fond bottom, from Latin fundus bottom]
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(pləˈfɒn; Fr. plaˈfɔ̃)

n., pl. -fonds (-ˈfɒnz; Fr. -ˈfɔ̃)
a ceiling, whether flat or arched, esp. one of decorative character.
[1655–65; < French; Middle French platfond ceiling, literally, flat bottom, i.e., underside]
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