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Adj.1.plagiarised - copied and passed off as your own; "used plagiarized data in his thesis"; "a work dotted with plagiarized phrases"
derived - formed or developed from something else; not original; "the belief that classes and organizations are secondary and derived"- John Dewey
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Many have adopted Nietzsche's mannerisms and word- coinages, who had nothing in common with him beyond the ideas and "business" they plagiarised; but the superficial observer and a large portion of the public, not knowing of these things,--not knowing perhaps that there are iconoclasts who destroy out of love and are therefore creators, and that there are others who destroy out of resentment and revengefulness and who are therefore revolutionists and anarchists,--are prone to confound the two, to the detriment of the nobler type.
In this case, the Daily Nation is accused of publishing plagiarised information.
Summary: Kyoto [Japan], July 19 (ANI): The suspect behind Japan's worst mass killing in 20 years has alleged that the targeted studio, Kyoto Animation studio, had plagiarised his work, as per local police.
An allegation of plagiarised research articles against the UET chemistry department chairperson was part of the varsity Syndicate's meeting agenda on March 30, but removed from the agenda of the next meeting over 'not being substantiated'.
AFTER taking a hard look at the state of tertiary education in Nigeria, the former Executive Chairman, National Universities Commission (NUC), Prof Peter Okebukola has come out with a harsh verdict: 60 per cent of undergraduate course project in the Nigeria university system are plagiarised.
Findings of the commission and Denniacutek N correspond.Speaker of Parliament Andrej Danko most likely plagiarised the thesis he submitted in 2000, the Denniacutek N daily cited unofficial information on the conclusions of an investigation by a university-appointed committee.
Contrary to popular perception, the proposal for Malaysia to produce a third national car was not Tun Dr Mahathir Mohamad but 'plagiarised from people', the prime minister indicated today.
The Higher Education Commission's Executive Director resigned after one of his papers were found to be heavily plagiarised. It is shameful that someone heading a body responsible for ensuring production of quality and original research work from higher educational institutions has been found guilty of plagiarism.
A LAWLA SUIT claiming pop stars Robin icke and Pharrell Williams plagiarised Marvin Gaye's music in their Blurred Lines hit is likely to run for a long time, Birmingham legal experts have warned.
Around 33 submissions, which had plagiarised content, were submitted by faculty members of Jamia.
The apparently plagiarised project may even be completed before Hadid's original is completed in 2014.
LONDON'S street names are being thoroughly plagiarised by the car makers in this Olympic year.