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clockwise from top left: Malcolm, Gordon Dress, and Stewart Dress plaid patterns


a. Cloth, often made of wool, with a tartan or checked pattern.
b. A pattern of this kind.
2. A rectangular woolen scarf of a tartan pattern worn over the left shoulder by Scottish Highlanders.

[Probably Scots plaid, plyd, past participle of ply, to fold, from Middle English plien; see ply1.]

plaid, plaid′ed adj.
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During his visit to Edinburgh, those going to the festivities were urged to be "all plaided and plumed in their tartan array".
The women were plaided too, an outside shawl was seen on none, though the wives wore a large handkerchief under the plaid, and looked picturesquely matronly in their very high white caps.
These include beautiful boxed soaps wrapped in muslin, padded leather frames, plaided leather cushion covers and The Ever So Slightly Naughty Weekend Kit.