plain text

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also plain text  (plān′tĕkst′)
The unencrypted form of an encrypted message. Also called cleartext.
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plain text



(Telecommunications) telecomm a message set in a directly readable form rather than in coded groups
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"The Data Protection Commission was notified by Facebook that it had discovered that hundreds of millions of user passwords, relating to users of Facebook, Facebook Lite and Instagram, were stored by Facebook in plain text format in its internal servers," the authority said in a statement.
In March, a report by Krebs On Security claimed that around 200-600 million Facebook users may have had their account passwords stored in plain text and searchable by over 20,000 Facebook employees.
Liboro said the storage of Facebook passwords in plain text 'needlessly exposed people to risk.'
Brian Krebs, of security news website, cited an unnamed Facebook source as saying the internal investigation had so far indicated that as many as 600 million users of the social network had account passwords stored in plain text files searchable by more than 20,000 employees.
The five components are involved in this process that includes: plain text, secret key, public key and encryption/decryption algorithms.
Previous generations, educated in a world of plain text, would also benefit from the new formats due to their easier readability.
"This means your password cannot be easily converted back to plain text," the company said-an updated version of an original post that said the passwords "cannot be converted/decrypted back to plain text." That comment was criticized by security experts, who note that encryption is very difficult but not impossible to crack.
It seems like every tweet comes with an embedded graphic, and every Facebook post includes an image or video; in fact, a plain text tweet or Facebook post gets shouted out by all the images around it.
Cryptography is the process of converting the plain text into the cipher text..
The correct plain text message would be obtained from m'i = c' [R][k.sub.i] = [c.sub.i] [R]k' [R][k.sub.i] by computing [m'.sub.i] [direct sum] k' = [c.sub.i] [direct sum] [k.sub.i] = [m.sub.i].
Of the vast wealth of information unlocked by the Internet, most is plain text. The data necessary to answer myriad questions-about, say, the correlations between the industrial use of certain chemicals and incidents of disease, or between patterns of news coverage and voter-poll results-may all be online.
According to the daft, users of encrypted messaging services should be able to reproduce data in plain text format before law enforcement agencies whenever they are asked to.