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having no embellishments; simple; basic.
[alluding to vanilla ice cream, taken to be the most basic flavor]
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Developers were ready to commit to Olympic-size pools, extensive green zones and not just confine their promotional strategies to plain-vanilla brick-and-mortar launches.
So it appears market domination will remain in the hands of the plain-vanilla originators for at least the foreseeable future.
In our view, if the unit is approved for plain-vanilla 150s, it might be easy to gain approval for your aerobat, especially if the unit has approval in other aerobatic models.
The film has a good cast, and is competently made in a plain-vanilla way, but its greatest appeal will be to those who share its endorsement of traditional religious values.
It is a securities exchange for listing and trading of fixed income products and plain-vanilla interest rate and currency derivatives to offer financial security.
These apps will help the customer discover the many uses of mobile internet apart from plain-vanilla Internet browsing.
com is witnessing an increase of 30% in Average Selling Point (ASP) of mobiles since January 2012 clearly indicating that more and more Indians are moving from plain-vanilla mobile phones to smarter devices.
You will see incredible results even out of what I consider to be absolutely plain-vanilla technology," Marchionne told reporters at an auto industry conference in Traverse City, Michigan.
The department could have built a plain-vanilla concrete box girder bridge for an estimated $141 million.
Every project we started was intended to give our plain-vanilla rancher the character of an older home.
Those clients, and estate planners with delayed-effective-date, plain-vanilla annuities, need to complete their transactions in the next few months, to obtain the tax benefits under the old rules.