plains wanderer

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n.1.A bird of the genus Pedionomus (Pedionomus torquatus) of New South Wales, the only species in the genus. Pedionomus is the only genus of the family Pedionomidae of the order Passeriformes and the plains wanderer is thus the only species in the family. The total world population (ca. 2000) is estimated to be 5 to 10 thousand.
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Feral cats are a threat to some of Victorias most critically-endangered native wildlife, such as the Mountain-pygmy Possum, Helmeted Honeyeater, Orange-bellied Parrot and Plains Wanderer.
Bustards; Jacanas; Painted Snipes; Sandpipers; Crab Plover; Sheathbills; Magellanic Plover; Plains Wanderer; Seedsnipes; Thick Knees.