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We were not so new to the country as not to know that the solitary life of many a plainsman had a tendency to develop eccentricities of conduct and character not always easily distinguishable from mental aberration.
Kim had all a plainsman's affection for the well-trodden track, not six feet wide, that snaked among the mountains; but the lama, being Tibetan, could not refrain from short cuts over spurs and the rims of gravel-strewn slopes.
"Yes; but a plainsman who lives in a hut knows only the four walls of his hut.
The Mayfair Cinema opened in 1937 with the film The Plainsman, starring Gary Cooper, and could seat 676 people in the stalls - as well as a further 333 on the balcony seats above.
LINE-X partnered with Auburn University to restore the roofs and fascia of the baseball dugouts at Samford Stadium-Hitchcock Field at Plainsman Park.
14, came to attention Monday, when Chip Brownlee, a journalist working for the Auburn Plainsman, posted a blurb titled, "Klan Needs To Ride Again" in order to criticize it.
Billy Duxon & Adobe Walls: Scout, Plainsman <& Buffalo.
According to the Kendall County sheriff's office, Stanton's body was discovered in the area of Plainfield Road and Plainsman Court. [] (discussing student protest against white nationalist speaker); Claire Tully, Auburn Unites Concert, march protest Richard Spencer appearance, Plainsman (Apr.
Caption: All of us have pondered, "Boy, if that gun could talk." In this case, the beautiful Plainsman rifle on the wall of the Happy Burro Chili & Beer is a replica
As editor of the school paper in 1961, Bullington penned an editorial denouncing the attacks on the Freedom Riders, "The political leaders who let them happen and the whole systemic culture of segregation in which they were rooted." After the letter was published on the front page of The Plainsman, "Everywhere I went I was cursed, confronted, and threatened with violence by angry students.