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Frank; straightforward; blunt.

plain′spo′ken·ness n.
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Adj.1.plainspoken - using simple and direct language; "a plainspoken country doctor"
unrhetorical - not rhetorical
2.plainspoken - characterized by directness in manner or speech; without subtlety or evasion; "blunt talking and straight shooting"; "a blunt New England farmer"; "I gave them my candid opinion"; "forthright criticism"; "a forthright approach to the problem"; "tell me what you think--and you may just as well be frank"; "it is possible to be outspoken without being rude"; "plainspoken and to the point"; "a point-blank accusation"
direct - straightforward in means or manner or behavior or language or action; "a direct question"; "a direct response"; "a direct approach"


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He makes it accessible to a general audience by both explaining the ancient worldviews plainspokenly and by focusing on the "self-help" interpretation of philosophy's purpose.
As plainspokenly American heartland as can be, the West Michigan milieu and personalities help defuse topic's surface exoticism.