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also plain text  (plān′tĕkst′)
The unencrypted form of an encrypted message. Also called cleartext.
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the intelligible original message of a cryptogram, as opposed to the coded or enciphered version.
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- Facebook must encrypt user passwords and regularly scan to detect whether any passwords are stored in plaintext;
The attackers also inserted code that allowed them to capture plaintext passwords as they were entered by users at the time.
The subsequent investigation by the local data protection agency determined the site had been storing user passwords in plaintext without hashing.
It was recently revealed how personal and public data of millions of Instagram influencers was being hosted on an unsecured server with open access and Google has now disclosed information about a G Suite issue that affected business customers by saving their account credentials in plaintext. The company says that passwords of a "subset of our enterprise G Suite customer" was stored in plaintext in their internal encrypted systems.
For encryption we use C [left arrow] Enc (x, K), where plaintext x [member of] [Z.sub.N] is encrypted into a cipher-text C [member of] M ([Z.sub.N]).
It contained plaintext user passwords for 22,000 users.
The company acknowledged that a bug in its password management systems had caused hundreds of millions of user passwords for Facebook, Facebook Lite, and Instagram to be stored as plaintext in an internal platform.
Hashed passwords still need to be cracked before they can be used; plaintext passwords are the real deal without any further hacking or cracking needed.
Gain access to information held in the cloud about all the connected accounts (including logins and passwords in plaintext for all the prosthetic devices and their administrators)
Without HTTPS, anyone can easily eavesdrop and get your e-mail address and phone number in plaintext, i.e., not encrypted.
The squashing technique is very essential as the purpose is to remove the growing noise in the ciphertext without revealing any information about the plaintext or the secret key to the processor.
They applied the same API and the same optimization to the four schemes and concluded that the BGV scheme appears to be the most efficient for large plaintext moduli, while the YASHE scheme seems the most efficient for small plaintext moduli.