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Noun1.plane ticket - a ticket good for a trip on an airplaneplane ticket - a ticket good for a trip on an airplane
ticket - a commercial document showing that the holder is entitled to something (as to ride on public transportation or to enter a public entertainment)
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Players from top companies in the country and the BCCP vied for prizes like a Vespa scooter and a roundtrip plane ticket from Eithad Airways.
Traveling 1,593 miles for Christmas would mean that her family would have to borrow money in order to pay for the plane ticket. Skipping it could mean that Latham may never see her grandfather again.
A plane ticket to escape Tehran and the Islamic revolution cost Debbie all her savings so she urgently needed work in the UK.
Some applicants who wanted to go home were told to come back and show a ticket plane ticket before they could apply for an exit pass.
Suba consoled himself with a 1,000-euro (blah) plane ticket and a slot in the ROK Cup International Final in Lonato, Italy, in October for pooling the most number of points after two legs of the Asian series, counting the kickoff stop in Macau.
Summary: 41-year-old who lost passport has got an outpass but she can't exit as she has no money to buy plane ticket
They couldn't fund a plane ticket for Louise but well-wishers rallied round to pay for her seat.
The Hague: Police have arrested 118 people in an unprecedented globally-coordinated swoop on plane ticket credit card fraud, a billion-dollar organised crime industry, officials said on Friday.
The top court announced on Friday that several irregularities were found, including a plane ticket purchased for the son of one of the party's deputy chairmen as well as plane tickets for reporters embedded with party delegations on the campaign trail.
After that, payment can be made via Airtel Money on a mobile phone and the electronic plane ticket will be sent to the customers e-mail address (and simultaneously to the mobile's number with a SMS) confirming the ticket purchase and reservation.
Draft legislation approved by the Bulgarian Cabinet on Wednesday is going to allow the Sofia International Airport to determine its own airport fees, a measure that could lead to increase of plane ticket prices.