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1. Loud and resounding: plangent bells.
2. Expressing or suggesting sadness; plaintive: "From a doorway came the plangent sounds of a guitar" (Malcolm Lowry).

[Latin plangēns, plangent-, present participle of plangere, to strike, lament; see plāk- in Indo-European roots.]

plan′gen·cy n.
plan′gent·ly adv.
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the condition or quality of producing a deep or loud sound. — plangent, adj.
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Noun1.plangency - having the character of a loud deep sound; the quality of being resonant
timbre, tone, quality, timber - (music) the distinctive property of a complex sound (a voice or noise or musical sound); "the timbre of her soprano was rich and lovely"; "the muffled tones of the broken bell summoned them to meet"
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In an arrangement of Debussy's Rhapsody for Alto Saxophone and Orchestra Leleux's cor anglais playing made this version seem like the original, the instrument's plangency and melancholy melting into colourful exoticism (shades of Images).
And that has more plangency because of what we've seen before.
He rarely indulges in plangency and is as sparing with his emotional effects as he is generous with his melodic and rhythmic effects.
The melody she creates is in a minor key, sonorous, charged with plangency. One can imagine how many things she is juggling inside her headthe meditation on her assigned topic, the succession of words to rhyme, the matching of sentence to song and the melody she sings a capella.
Oppenheimer's staggering film achieves no such plangency, much as it attempts to shift from an often callously ironic tone to a graver and more nuanced approach, fashioning a redemptive narrative for Anwar, who gradually relinquishes his role as metteur en scene for that of martyr.
His early work is marred by over-reliance on capitalised abstractions such as Death, Love, Time, Beauty, and by sub-Yeatsian plangency, but shows also a remarkable lyric strain, which deepened throughout his short life" (4).
It is not obsessive, or if it is, it is an obsession we share: the repetition makes us feel that we are being located, steadied" And in contrast with the Eighth, in which repetition "is used in the service of memory and profundity, like the tolling of a bell or the plangency of voices in a round," she says, "in the fragmentary Ninth, it is not used in the service of anything; it just sits there, a thing in itself, squashing the music with its implacable force.
This last is a riveting performance--especially in one spine-tingling moment of pure theatre, when Prudence suddenly turns and speaks with force and plangency for all the downtrodden menials of this country.
And therefore in the Calypso, there isn't much of that plangency and sorrow and wrong that comes out of that suffering and the measure of that suffering, which is a very heavy down beat.
The non-verbal sounds of a post-Darwinian cosmos of universal plangency, (13) to which the speaker directs us to attend, are like the shadow of the Medusa in "Aspecta Medusa," mysterious signs of an existential condition that is indifferent to human hope and aspiration.
Furthermore, the ending of the novel, wherein Hannah describes her happy condition in New Jersey in the free North, is in turn in complete harmony with the sentimental plangency of many Dickensian endings--the ending not only of Bleak House but also of David Copperfield (published in London in twenty monthly parts, 1849-1850, then in New York in 1852).
On the debit side, string instrument-reliant score by Eicca Toppinen overeggs the pudding with too-insistent plangency. Result undermines script's occasional flinty sparks of humor, which might have been an extra redeeming feature.