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 (plə-nĭm′ĭ-tər, plā-)
An instrument that measures the area of a plane figure as a mechanically coupled pointer traverses the perimeter of the figure.

pla′ni·met′ric (plā′nə-mĕt′rĭk), pla′ni·met′ri·cal (-rĭ-kəl) adj.
pla·nim′e·try n.
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The village board agreed to waive competitive bidding for the service known as planimetric mapping to save time and money.
Comparison of ABC/2 estimation technique to computer-assisted planimetric analysis in warfarin-related intracerebral parenchymal hemorrhage.
For the Sewerage Master Plan 2041, Prolagos integrated data from GIS, CAD, SCADA, and drones in a planimetric survey using SewerGEMS.
PS was classified according to the planimetric method as a mild stenosis (5,6).
Unfortunately, in most existing buildings, the planimetric information is not available in digital form.
Figure 4 shows the planimetric and altimetric precision by session at the test points.
[3] Brain ventricles can be studied by taking linear, planimetric or volumetric measurements, out of which linear ratios are probably the most conveniently made and the consistent ones.
This satellite provided a valuable first planimetric view of all areas of the continent except for the high latitude region from 80[degrees]S to 90[degrees]S, which was not covered by the satellite orbit.
The therapeutic effect was estimated by wound healing activity (planimetric method) and by microbicide activity (microbiological study of tissue samples in the wound cavity).
Caption: Figure 1: TTE: parasternal short axis view showing type A quadricuspid aortic valve in systole (a) and diastole with a planimetric aortic valve area of 1.8 [cm.sup.2] (b).
Quantification of TUNEL-positive cells was performed by means of planimetric analyses of labeled cells with fluorescence microscopy using an emission wavelength of 450-500 nm and fluorescence detection at 515-565 nm (green light).