planing machine

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Noun1.Planing machine - a power tool for smoothing or shaping woodplaning machine - a power tool for smoothing or shaping wood
power tool - a tool driven by a motor
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Of all the options trialled, the MultiHog, a small planing machine, was deemed the best.
Static angle full data PLANING MACHINE Left angle Right angle Mean No.
They also purchased the T27 Flex Spindle Moulder, T45 Contour Planing machine and the T54 Surface Planer.
The theoretical surface waviness, f after the planing machine is described by the formula (Staniszewska and Zakrzewski 1997):
Left to right: grandad Harrison, Charlie Brumpton, Walter Orundle and apprentice Norman Laycock.; RIGHT: Inside Harrison's workshop Bernie Harrison is using a Wadkin over and under planing machine, installed in 1924.
He was employed at the hurdle and fencing works of Messers Miller, Miller Lane, and while attending to a planing machine found it necessary to tighten a driving band.