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1. A representation of a sphere or part of a sphere on a plane surface.
2. Astronomy A polar projection of half or more of the celestial sphere on a chart equipped with an adjustable overlay to show the stars visible at a particular time and place.

pla′ni·spher′ic (-sfîr′ĭk, -sfĕr′-), pla′ni·spher′i·cal (-ĭ-kəl) adj.
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(Physical Geography) a projection or representation of all or part of a sphere on a plane surface, such as a polar projection of the celestial sphere onto a chart
[C14: from Medieval Latin plānisphaerium, from Latin plānus flat + Greek sphaira globe]
planispheric adj
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(ˈplæn əˌsfɪər, ˈpleɪ nə-)

1. a map of half or more of the celestial sphere with a device for indicating the part of a given location visible at a given time.
2. a projection or representation of the whole or a part of a sphere on a plane.
[1350–1400; Middle English planisperie < Medieval Latin plānisphaerium; see plani-, sphere]
plan`i•spher′i•cal (-ˈsfɛr ɪ kəl) plan`i•spher′ic, plan`i•spher′al, adj.
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a map showing half or more of the sphere of the heavens, indicating which part is visible at what hour from a given location. — planispheric, planispherical, adj.
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a map showing half or more of the sphere of the heavens, indicating which part is visible at what hour from a given location. — planispheric, planispherical, adj.
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an astrolabe.
See also: Representation
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[ˈplænɪˌsfɪəʳ] nplanisfero
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In an apartment of the great temple of Denderah, some fifty years ago, there was discovered upon the granite ceiling a sculptured and painted planisphere, abounding in centaurs, griffins, and dolphins, similar to the grotesque figures on the celestial globe of the moderns.
Then my eyes fell upon the vast planisphere spread upon the table, and I placed my finger on the very spot where the given latitude and longitude crossed.
At this point indicated on the planisphere one of these currents was rolling, the Kuro-Scivo of the Japanese, the Black River, which, leaving the Gulf of Bengal, where it is warmed by the perpendicular rays of a tropical sun, crosses the Straits of Malacca along the coast of Asia, turns into the North Pacific to the Aleutian Islands, carrying with it trunks of camphor-trees and other indigenous productions, and edging the waves of the ocean with the pure indigo of its warm water.
The island of Zanzibar could be seen in its entire extent, marked out by its deeper color upon a vast planisphere; the fields had the appearance of patterns of different colors, and thick clumps of green indicated the groves and thickets.
I purchased a globe and a planisphere at Saigon's Portail bookstore.
Many free resources for beginners and those at intermediate level are available from the ASSA website: the Southern Star Wheel planisphere, the ConCards (constellation and deep-sky object finder charts) and the comprehensive Deep-Sky Observer's Companion (DOC) tutorial.
This is described in Fournier (1643), in which it is referred to as the planisphere d'Arzael.
Caption: Vesconte Milaggiolo, portolan planisphere (detail), 1531, lapis lazuli, pigment, gold, and silver on vellum 36 x 80 3/8".
A handheld star chart - or planisphere - is a great way of understanding the night sky but don't forget, you probably have a powerful computer in your pocket already - your smart phone.
The piece, a testament to the genius of eighteenth century French clockmaking, has four different types of mechanisms, including a clock and a planisphere, and was designed as a gift for India.
In the era before smartphones and astronomy apps, I learned the sky the old-fashioned way, with a paper planisphere and a red flashlight.
Planisphere is a prospecting tool to help them identify and market to employers in their area.