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Noun1.planned community - a residential district that is planned for a certain class of residents
residential area, residential district, community - a district where people live; occupied primarily by private residences
retirement community, retirement complex - a planned community for residents who have retired from an active working life
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Caption: Southern Lifestyle is working closely with Terry Lovelace in the building out of the 259-acre planned community.
In a master planned community, the rights and obligations relating to such a plot will typically be settled in the master plan.
That trend is being called "New Urbanism," and many point to Seaside, Fla., as the first master planned community that began in 1981.
* Lawn care and snow removal are included at Hearthstone, a low-maintenance planned community.
If you've moved to a new planned community, what are the features that drew you there?
The majority of blacks in Florida departed with the Spanish in 1763 when the British took control over the colony, and a number attempted to eke out a living in a planned community at Ceiba Mocha, Cuba.
A FAMILY fun day to raise awareness of a planned community radio station in Coventry is being held tomorrow.
The excavated foundations of various structures in Frederica, Saint Simons Island, Georgia, remind visitors that from 1736 until 1758, this planned community served the military garrison quartered there and housed a population of 1000.
Florida-based Terrabrook Communities is developing a 1,350-acre planned community in Luquillo, on the island's northeast coast, reports Caribbean Business (January 21, 1999).
And if, by talking to me--formerly a large transvestite in a trench coat, now a styling dame from a planned community north of D.C.--any woman can get a new face, then I feel I have done my job."
Useless platforms, passageways that end abruptly, precarious towers of obscure purpose, ruptured cubicles, tortured metal armatures, steel excrescences that look less like decorative motifs than unneeded prosthetics--it all gives the impression of a bomb dropped into a planned community. There is still something rationalist about the way Meier approaches these sculptures: he collects the occasional found object and scraps of models from his studio in L.A., ties them together, makes ceramic molds of them, and then casts the agglomerations in stainless steel.
This is a new Master Planned Community that will feature over 500 new homes with amazing amenities and activities for families.