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The second experiment with the same irrigated rice cultivars was performed in vessels with a capacity of 9L containing 7kg of a typical hydromorphic haplic planosol soil (EMBRAPA, 2013).
The experimental units were composed of a potted barnyardgrass plant, with a volumetric capacity of 4L, containing dystrophic Haplosol planosol. The soil analysis showed: pH in water = 5.0; [CTC.sub.pH7] = 7.2 [cmol.sub.c] [dm.sup.-3]; organic matter = 1.5%; clay = 16%; texture = 4; Ca = 4.1 [cmol.sub.c] [dm.sup.-3]; Mg =1.1 [cmol.sub.c] [dm.sup.-3]; Al = 1.8 [cmol.sub.c] [dm.sup.-3]; P = 6.5 mg [dm.sup.-3] and K = 0.15 [cmol.sub.c] [dm.sup.-3].
There is also, in small proportions, Eutric Cambisol--cx (Cambisol), Eutric Fluvisol--ru (Alluvial soil), Haplic planosol sx (Planosol sco) and rocky outcrops with evidence of Lithic entisol (CHAVES et al., 2002).
elliottii 201 [Longlands 2000/ 202 [Pinedene Endostagnic Cambisol 1000/Endostagnic (Distric)]; 232 Cambisol (Distric)]; [Katspruit 1000/Alic 203 [Tukulu 2110/ Gleysol (Distric, Gryic, Endostagnic Cambisol Arenic)]; 249 [Kroonstad (Distric)]; 233 2000/Alic, Endogleyic [Pinedene 2100/Alic, Planosol (Albic, Distric, Endogleyic Planosol Greyic, Arenic)]; (Distric, Gryic, 252 [Kroonstad 2000/ Arenic)]; 250 [Pinedene Alic, Endogleyic Planosol 1100/Endostagnic Cambisol (Albic, Distric, Greyic, (Distric)] Arenic)]; 253 [Klapmuts 1120/Cutanic Lixisol (Albic, Epidistric, Arenic)] P.
van Ranst, "Impact of traditional soil burning (guie) on Planosol properties and land-use intensification in south-western Ethiopia", British Society of Soil Science, Soil Use and Management, vol.
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There are 27 soil types, among them are different classes of cambisols, fluvisols, and solonchaks, as well as eutric planosol, calcareous phaeozem, calcareous vertisol, calcareous regosol and humic gleisol (INEGI 2012).