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Noun1.plant fibre - fiber derived from plantsplant fibre - fiber derived from plants    
buntal - fine white Philippine fiber from stalks of unopened leaves of talipot palms; used in making hats
flax - fiber of the flax plant that is made into thread and woven into linen fabric
cotton, cotton fiber, cotton wool - soft silky fibers from cotton plants in their raw state
hemp - a plant fiber
jute - a plant fiber used in making rope or sacks
kapok, silk cotton, vegetable silk - a plant fiber from the kapok tree; used for stuffing and insulation
red silk cotton - a plant fiber from the red silk-cotton tree of eastern India; inferior to kapok
natural fiber, natural fibre - fiber derived from plants or animals
straw - plant fiber used e.g. for making baskets and hats or as fodder
plant product - a product made from plant material
raffia, raphia - leaf fibers of the raffia palm tree; used to make baskets and mats etc.
sisal, sisal hemp - a plant fiber used for making rope
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The research tested soluble plant fibre - the kind which comes out of vegetables when they are boiled in water - to judge its effect on Crohn's disease.
Today's research tested a range of soluble plant fibre to judge their
The Bare[TM] Bagasse range comprises three square plates and a bowl made from Bagasse, the plant fibre waste which remains after sugarcane has been processed to extract sugar.
The lignin in the plant fibre is used to drive the process by generating steam and electricity, thus eliminating the need for coal or natural gas.
The plant fibre is one of the longest and strongest natural bast fibres which is used in everything from fashion textiles to a replacement for fibre-glass, which it outperforms on several levels.
A Swedish study has found that more plant fibre, olive oil and fish, less meat and a bit of wine is a good arthritis diet.
Today, the Prysmian plant Fibre Ottiche Sud received the visit of Italian Prime Minister Matteo Renzi.
Camira developed STING after four years of research into cultivating nettles, extracting and processing the plant fibre, blending, weaving and dyeing and evaluating how the finished fabric performs.
The tough plant fibre was ideal for making twine and rope.
Unlike conventional fuel ethanol, a high-octane alcohol produced from the fermentation of sugar derived from the starch in grains such as corn and wheat, bioethanol is made from the fermentation of sugars derived from the plant fibre in renewable feedstocks such as wood and straw.
It is made of the same natural, plant fibres as most toilet paper and weighs less than six squares of the three-ply toilet paper.
Our researchers and technical personnel will speak with you about a host of fascinating subjects such as plant fibres used to manufacture eco-friendly car parts, materials accelerated to supersonic speeds used to repair aircraft parts, lasers used to prospect for gold, surgery practised on virtual patients, and nanotechnology used to ensure the safety of the food we eat, to mention just a few.