plant pathology

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plant′ pathol`ogy

the branch of botany dealing with diseases of plants. Also called phytopathology.
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Critique: Impressively informative, singularly well written and organized, effectively presented, and expressly engaging from beginning to end, "Untold Stories: Forty Years of Field Research on Root Diseases of Wheat" will prove to be of exceptional and specific interest for graduate students, agricultural researchers, and academicians in field of plant pathology, classroom teachers in crop and soil sciences, as well as professional crop consultants, as well as corporate agriculture managers and family farmers.
The textbook is for beginning or advanced courses in plant pathology, and presents protocols and procedures that researchers and practitioners might like quick reference to.
Wei Wu, a visiting scientist, investigated salicylic acid's effects, together with molecular biologist Yan Zhao and others at ARS's Molecular Plant Pathology Laboratory in Beltsville, Maryland.
The scholars include Aneela Saleem, daughter of Muhammad Saleem in the subject of Urdu after approval of her thesis entitled "Jabir Ali Sayyed Hayat aur Adabi Khidmaat", Noor Zaman, son of Gul Jehan in the subject of Mycology & Plant Pathology after approval of his thesis entitled "Management of Root Rot of Arachis Hypogaea L.
Auger studied plant pathology at UC Davis in the 1970s and went on to a professorship at the Departamento de Sanidad Vegetal, Universidad de Chile, Santiago.
degrees in plant pathology from the University of Hawaii.
One day Farmer's work-shop in a PARB funded project, "Biological management of root knot nematodes on vegetables" was organized by Department of Plant Pathology at the University of Agriculture Faisalabad (UAF) on 10th October 2012.
Davide took up agriculture majoring in plant pathology in UPLB.
Ned Tisserat, Colorado State University professor of plant pathology and disease discoverer.
Developments in plant pathology during the previous year are reviewed in 22 studies.