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One, such as a horticulturist, who collects or grows plants.


(ˈplɑːntsmən) or feminine


n, pl -men or -women
(Horticulture) an experienced gardener who specializes in collecting rare or interesting plants
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Noun1.plantsman - an expert in the science of cultivating plants (fruit or flowers or vegetables or ornamental plants)plantsman - an expert in the science of cultivating plants (fruit or flowers or vegetables or ornamental plants)
expert - a person with special knowledge or ability who performs skillfully
gardener, nurseryman - someone who takes care of a garden
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Developed over many years by Sir Harold, a renowned plantsman, it is now managed as a charity by Hampshire County Council and includes plants from its founder's trips to Korea, Japan, New Zealand, Australia and the US.
A gardener and writer, Beth Chatto has no formal horticultural training, but was inspired by her parents' enthusiastic gardening, her husband's lifelong study of natural associations of plants, and friendship with the great plantsman and artist Sir Cedric Morris.
The Beatles drummer looks like a natural plantsman in an off-duty moment at the height of the band's fame.
He was a plantsman of vision who helped create some of the best herbaceous plants we have the privilege to grow.
Both acclaimed gardening authors, they have collaborated with Dutch designer and plantsman Piet Oudolf, on seminal planting design books.
Both these schemes were designed by eminent Dutch plantsman and Chelsea gold medal winner Piet Oudolf.
Twenty years ago, the company passed out of direct family ownership to a local plantsman, Pierre Bennerup, the owner of Sunny Border Nurseries in Kensington, Conn.
Great Dixter, in East Sussex (the garden had actually been designed by Lutyens) but for his knowledge as a plantsman.
It is not only a book for plantsman, but also animal lovers will be thrilled to see the beautiful inhabitants of this forest in the next chapter.
The garden itself, with a central arched boardwalk path and waterway, features Dutch plantsman Piet Oudolf's stylish prairie-style mix of perennials and grasses as well as blossoming trees.