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1. A light splash.
2. The sound of a light splash.
v. plashed, plash·ing, plash·es
To spatter (liquid) about; splash.
To cause a light splash.

[Possibly from Middle English plashe, pool of water, from Old English plæsc.]
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The rain beat fast and furiously without, and ran down in plashing streams from the thatched roof.
So they tried back slowly and sorrowfully, and found the lane, and went limping down it, plashing in the cold puddly ruts, and beginning to feel how the run had taken it out of them.
He was a Picard, whom the glorious Musketeer had picked up on the Bridge Tournelle, making rings and plashing in the water.
Sometimes it steals along with a tranquil and noiseless course; at other times, for miles and miles, it dashes on in a thousand rapids, wild and beautiful to the eye, and lulling the ear with the soft tumult of plashing waters.
With that he put spurs to his horse, and rode away; at first plashing heavily through the mire at a smart trot, but gradually increasing in speed until the last sound of his horse's hoofs died away upon the wind; when he was again hurrying on at the same furious gallop, which had been his pace when the locksmith first encountered him.
plashing through puddles as sideways-falling rain slowly crept into my hood, it's fair to say it took me a while to fall in love with the West Highland Way.
Currently this Brexit catastrophe is costing taxpayers here PS500million each week; 3,500 troops will be put on stand by; millions of pounds now allocated to ferries on standby for supplies, with the government flippantly plashing a further PS2billion contingency funding to various departments to meet a no-deal Brexit in less than 90 days.
(lhe first Lutheran preacher at the Cadet Corps was Thobias Plashing, a Halle Pietist.) Both Konashevich and Skamnitskii would become bishops in the same decade, and Konashevich was active in the reformation and expansion of missionary schools in his dioceses and in spearheading the campaign of mass conversion on the Volga.
In the natural world, birds, horses, clouds, and water are in perpetual free movement; there is constant sliding, plashing, and mating: "hens to moorcocks call." But the "Hearts with one purpose alone" of the 1916 leaders have been "enchanted to a stone"--a spell that has been cast upon them by their total absorption in a Utopian vision until they become rigid, inflexible, petrified--ultimately beyond change.
It was held in conjunction with the 52nd annual South Pembrokeshire Ploughing, Plashing and Roots competition.
And forecasts total Christmas spending will top PS22billion this year, with Brits plashing out an average of PS445 per person - up 1.8 per cent on 2011's figure of PS437.