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Noun1.plaster saint - a person (considered to be) without human failings; "he's no plaster saint"
good person - a person who is good to other people
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It is made of concrete; Rizal casts a benign gaze at the viewer, like the plaster saints in the church, he is also just as white.
Even when he's playing noble characters, they're not plaster saints. They're admirable, but accessible and always human.
One also cannot ignore the feeling that Marshall's lack of critical reflection has the effect of turning her subjects into plaster saints. Still, the book contains a number of excellent photographs and pictures, indicating that there is certainly a story to be told.
Nonetheless, they were and should remain to be seen as human beings not plaster saints. Reese goes a long way in addressing the question of the Red Army's motivation while revealing the genuine complexity that underlay the motives of its soldiers, sailors, and airmen (and women) in all their diversity and complexity.
Surrounding it like Star Wars figures were a dozen little plaster saints. "This is St.
In his day, they'd smashed the faces of plaster saints with their rifle butts.
It makes me think of Rudyard Kipling's comment: "And if our behavior isn't all your fancy paints/Why, single men in barracks don't grow into plaster saints."
One's epitaph reads "Merchant & Soldier." But they were just men, not plaster saints; men with fears, passions, ambitions, flaws and dreams.
"Holy" is about plaster saints on high shelves and martyred missionaries in church history books.