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1. A metal breastplate worn under a coat of mail.
2. A quilted pad worn by fencers to protect the torso and side.
3. A trimming on the front of a bodice.
4. The front of a man's dress shirt.
5. The front panel of the tunic of a uniform, usually of a different color than the rest.
6. Zoology The ventral part of the shell of a turtle or tortoise.

[French, from Old French, from Old Italian piastrone, augmentative of piastra, thin metal plate; see piaster.]

plas′tral (-trəl) adj.
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(Zoology) the bony plate forming the ventral part of the shell of a tortoise or turtle
[C16: via French from Italian piastrone, from piastra breastplate, from Latin emplastrum plaster]
ˈplastral adj
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(ˈplæs trən)

1. plate armor for the upper front part of the torso.
2. a quilted pad worn over part of the torso for protection while fencing.
3. an ornamental front piece of a woman's bodice.
4. the starched front of a shirt.
5. the ventral part of the shell of a turtle.
[1500–10; < Middle French < Italian piastrone, augmentative of piastra metal plate, piaster. See plaster]
plas′tral, adj.
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Noun1.plastron - the ornamental front of a woman's bodice or shirt
bodice - part of a dress above the waist
shirtfront - the front of a shirt (usually the part not covered by a jacket); "he had spilled catsup on his shirtfront"
2.plastron - the front of man's dress shirt
dress shirt, evening shirt - a man's white shirt (with a starch front) for evening wear (usually with a tuxedo)
shirtfront - the front of a shirt (usually the part not covered by a jacket); "he had spilled catsup on his shirtfront"
3.plastron - a metal breastplate that was worn under a coat of mail
breastplate, egis, aegis - armor plate that protects the chest; the front part of a cuirass
4.plastron - a large pad worn by a fencer to protect the chest
pad - a flat mass of soft material used for protection, stuffing, or comfort
5.plastron - (zoology) the part of a turtle's shell forming its underside
turtle - any of various aquatic and land reptiles having a bony shell and flipper-like limbs for swimming
exoskeleton - the exterior protective or supporting structure or shell of many animals (especially invertebrates) including bony or horny parts such as nails or scales or hoofs
zoological science, zoology - the branch of biology that studies animals
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"Well," says the other, "I shall wear my plum-colored body to the Jones', with a yellow plastron; and they've got some lovely gloves at Puttick's, only one and eleven pence."
I had myself a great silver bowl, with two goblets, and a plastron of Spanish steel.
Those possessing a slightly concave plastron, short-thick tail, white throats (older individuals), and a cloaca that extended posterior to the edge of the carapace were classified as male (n = 18).
'Unfortunately, these turtles would not survive in the wild - including this specimen, whose plastron is not fully developed or closed.
(A-B) ROM-41848 left epiplastron in ventral view; (C-D) ROM-42183 entoplastron in ventral view; (E-F) ROM-42070 right epiplastron in ventral view; (G-H) ROM-42114 right hyoplastron in ventral view; (I-J) ROM-42102 right hypoplastron in ventral view; (K-L) ROM-42053 right xiphiplastron in ventral view; (M-N) ROM 42056 left xiphiplastron in ventral view; (O) plastron of extant Rhinoclemmys melanosterna CRI-4898 in ventral view.
Autopsy revealed perforated diverticular disease with plastron Formation involving the sigmoid, cecum and uterus in addition to a 2-cm peripheral lung mass.
Microorganisms associated with the carapace and plastron of aquatic turtles (Pseudemys concinna and Trachemys scripta) in southwestern Arkansas.
(14) Where possible, the bibliographer listed earlier works first and like works together, e.g., placing the earlier Zuozhuan [phrase omitted] (Zuo Traditions) ahead of the Gongyang [phrase omitted] and Guliang [phrase omitted]: commentaries to the Chunqiu or splitting the shigui [phrase omitted] subdivision into two halves, the first on plastron divination and the second on milfoil divination.
Because of these findings a preliminary diagnosis was made of an inflamed cecal mass and a perforated and plastron appendicitis.