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Flat: platyhelminth.

[Greek platu-, from platus; see plat- in Indo-European roots.]


combining form
indicating something flat: platyhelminth.
[from Greek platus flat]


(ˈpleɪ ti)

adj. plat•i•er, plat•i•est.
(of an igneous rock) split into thin, flat sheets, often resembling strata, as a result of uneven cooling.


(ˈplæt i)

n., pl. (esp. collectively) plat•y, (esp. for kinds or species) plat•ys, plat•ies.
[1930–35; by shortening of New Latin Platypoecilus genus name =platy- platy- + -poecilus < Greek poikílos mottled]


a combining form meaning “flat,” “broad”: platyhelminth.
[comb. form representing Greek platýs; see flat1]
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