plate glass

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plate glass

Strong glass in large sheets containing few impurities, used for mirrors and large windows.
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plate glass



(Building) glass formed into a thin sheet by rolling, used for windows
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plate′ glass′

a soda-lime-silica glass formed by rolling the hot glass into a plate that is subsequently ground and polished and used in large windows, mirrors, etc.
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Noun1.plate glass - glass formed into large thin sheetsplate glass - glass formed into large thin sheets
cover glass, cover slip - a small and very thin piece of glass used to cover the specimen on a microscope slide
pane, pane of glass, window glass - sheet glass cut in shapes for windows or doors
flat solid, sheet - a flat artifact that is thin relative to its length and width
microscope slide, slide - a small flat rectangular piece of glass on which specimens can be mounted for microscopic study
glass - a brittle transparent solid with irregular atomic structure
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زُجاج مُصَفَّح كَثيف
zrcadlové sklo
zrkadlové sklo

plate glass

nvetro piano
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(pleit) noun
1. a shallow dish for holding food etc. china plates.
2. a sheet of metal etc. The ship was built of steel plates.
3. articles made of, or plated with, usually gold or silver. a collection of gold plate.
4. a flat piece of metal inscribed with eg a name, for fixing to a door, or with a design etc, for use in printing.
5. an illustration in a book, usually on glossy paper. The book has ten full-colour plates.
6. (also dental plate) a piece of plastic that fits in the mouth with false teeth attached to it.
7. a sheet of glass etc coated with a sensitive film, used in photography.
ˈplated adjective
covered with a thin layer of a different metal. gold-plated dishes.
ˈplateful noun
the complete contents of a plate. a plateful of potatoes; two platefuls of chips.
ˈplating noun
a thin covering of metal. silver-plating.
plate glass
a kind of glass made in thick sheets for windows, mirrors etc.
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Katherine's Dock House, the very steps from which he had some six weeks before surveyed the cabstand, the buildings, the policemen, the boot-blacks, the paint, gilt, and plateglass of the Black Horse, with the eye of a Conqueror.
THE strong northerly wind was cold enough to leave goose-pimples on plateglass. And, on the old shopping street, Sunday shutters rattled like crockery in a quake.
Like other Chinese restaurants, Chin Chin has a plateglass window near the entrance where customers can see all the action: roast chicken and duck are on display, and the meat is chopped on order.
The lobby is furnished with soft leather chairs and settees, and vibrant panels of art, all of which sit before plateglass windows overlooking the constant hum of Great Eastern Street.
(36) Indeed, most compelling for me when it came to such perpetual displacement was the entryway--large plateglass windows where, on May Day, one could see parents and children playing outside, running up the steps of the museum, standing in line for the rides, or wandering around with treats in hand, enjoying the day.