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plat·y 1

adj. plat·i·er, plat·i·est
Designating soil or minerals occurring in flaky layers.

plat·y 2

n. pl. plat·ies or plat·ys
Any of various small freshwater live-bearing fishes of the genus Xiphophorus of Mexico and Central America, popular in home aquariums for their bright colors. Also called platyfish.

[Short for New Latin Platypoecilus, former genus name : platy- + Greek poikilos, many-colored; see poikilotherm.]
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adj, platier or platiest
(Geological Science) of, relating to, or designating rocks the constituents of which occur in flaky layers: platy fracture.
[C19: from plate + -y1]


n, pl platy, platys or platies
(Animals) any of various small brightly coloured freshwater cyprinodont fishes of the Central American genus Xiphophorus, esp X. maculatus
[C20: shortened from New Latin Platypoecilus former genus name, from platy- + -poecilus, from Greek poikilos spotted]
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(ˈpleɪ ti)

adj. plat•i•er, plat•i•est.
(of an igneous rock) split into thin, flat sheets, often resembling strata, as a result of uneven cooling.


(ˈplæt i)

n., pl. (esp. collectively) plat•y, (esp. for kinds or species) plat•ys, plat•ies.
[1930–35; by shortening of New Latin Platypoecilus genus name =platy- platy- + -poecilus < Greek poikílos mottled]


a combining form meaning “flat,” “broad”: platyhelminth.
[comb. form representing Greek platýs; see flat1]
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Noun1.platy - small stocky Mexican fishplaty - small stocky Mexican fish; popular aquarium fish
live-bearer, poeciliid, poeciliid fish, topminnow - small usually brightly-colored viviparous surface-feeding fishes of fresh or brackish warm waters; often used in mosquito control
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In the research conducted by website on 2,444 respondents, 17 percent said they have experience from around the capital.
Sexual harassment was first legally recognized as a form of gender (sex) discrimination under human rights law in the Supreme Court of Canada decision of Janzen v Platy Enterprises Ltd., [1989] 1 SCR 1252.
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Comparing iPP/MTalcA and iPP/TalcA composites, SEM micrographs show that iPP/MTalcA composite presents a platy structure of the filler, which contributes to the increase of the rigidity property of the composite.
The shape of the PM may vary according to the source, type, or mode of formation from spherical (pollen) to irregular (dust) to platy (clay particles).
Within the lung tissue bilaterally, remote from pleura, platy form polarisable material was seen consistent with talc particulates (Figure 6).
Together they are referred to as HMH, a platy mineral composite that gets its distinctive particle form from the huntite platelets, which are said to offer reinforcement (tensile-strength improvement) not provided by the more spherical ATH particles.
The rest of the book offers self-contained chapters on activities organized by different types of play, such as outdoor activities, sensory play, and creative platy. Reflection questions and b&w photos are included.
The dimensions of crushed oil shale particles were measured, and the ratios of length to width, length to thickness and width to thickness showed that the oil shale particles had a clear platy structure.
The ground quartz has a larger particle size, less surface area, and is platy in structure.
In this study, for the first time, effects of live food on platy (Xiphophorus maculatus Gunther, 1866), were investigated by using frozen white worm (Enchytraeus sp.).