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n. pl. platyfish or plat·y·fish·es
See platy2.


(ˈplæt iˌfɪʃ)

n., pl. (esp. collectively) -fish, (esp. for kinds or species) -fish•es.
any of several small, yellow-gray freshwater fishes of the genus Xiphophorus, esp. the Mexican X. variatus of which home aquarium varieties occur in a range of colors.
[see platy2, fish]
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In teleost, we identified either single copy of MGST2 gene (such as common carp, zebrafish and platyfish, etc) or absent (such as stickleback, medaka and pufferfish, etc), which suggested that MGST2 gene was lost in some teleost genomes completely, but still retained one copy in Cyprinids such as carp and zebrafish.
Effects of anaesthetics on the water parameters in a simulated transport experiment of platyfish, Xiphophorus maculatus (Gunther).
The variable platyfish (Xiphophorus variatus) is endemic to the Gulf of Mexico drainages of southern Tamaulipas to northern Veracruz, Mexico (Miller et al.
In the case of teleosts, it was reported in the 1960s that the erytnro-phores of Xiphophorine fish, such as the swordtail (Xiphopho-rus helleri) and platyfish (X.
Other close relatives, swordtails and platyfish of the genus Xiphophorus, however, are known to be mostly omnivorous with an emphasis on herbivory (e.
A sex-linked gene controlling the onset of sexual maturity in female and male platyfish (Xiphophoursmaculatus), fecundity in females and adult size in males.
2007) showed that Dmrt2 has a wide expression profile, including both testes and ovaries in platyfish (Platypoecilus maculatus).
Effects of nonylphenol and 17b-estradiol on vitellogenin synthesis and testis morphology in male platyfish Xiphophorus macualatus.
Koi, goldfish, guppy, sailfin molly, green swordtail, southern platyfish, variable platyfish, is undemanding.
Antagonistic pleiotropy is found not only in humans, but in widely differing species such as hermaphroditic snails Physa acuta (69), platyfish Xiphophorus maculatus (70), song sparrows Melospiza melodia (71), wild red deer Cervus elaphus (72) and the common guillemot seabirds Uria aalge (73).