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Enthusiastic expression of praise or approval: a new play that opened to the plaudits of the critics.

[Short for Latin plaudite, pl. imperative of plaudere, to applaud (used at the end of Roman plays).]


n (usually plural)
1. an expression of enthusiastic approval or approbation
2. a round of applause
[C17: shortened from earlier plauditē, from Latin: applaud!, from plaudere to applaud]


(ˈplɔ dɪt)

n. Usu., plaudits.
1. an enthusiastic expression of approval: Her performance won the plaudits of the critics.
2. a demonstration or round of applause.
[1615–25; earlier plaudite (3 syllables) < Latin, 2nd person pl. imperative of plaudere to applaud]
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Noun1.plaudit - enthusiastic approvalplaudit - enthusiastic approval; "the book met with modest acclaim"; "he acknowledged the plaudits of the crowd"; "they gave him more eclat than he really deserved"
commendation, approval - a message expressing a favorable opinion; "words of approval seldom passed his lips"


2. Approval expressed by clapping:


n usu pl (liter)Ovation f (usu pl), → Huldigung f (geh); the headmaster’s plaudits made him blushdie Lobeshymnen des Direktors ließen ihn erröten
References in classic literature ?
This performance was sure to be hailed with loud plaudits, and the 'puarkee nuee' (big hog) was unanimously pronounced by the islanders to be the most extraordinary specimen of zoology that had ever come under their observation.
But even granting the charge in question to be true; what disordered slippery decks of a whale-ship are comparable to the unspeakable carrion of those battle-fields from which so many soldiers return to drink in all ladies' plaudits? And if the idea of peril so much enhances the popular conceit of the soldier's profession; let me assure ye that many a veteran who has freely marched up to a battery, would quickly recoil at the apparition of the sperm whale's vast tail, fanning into eddies the air over his head.
'elucidate the diverting accomplishments of his highly trained performing dog Merrylegs.' He was also to exhibit 'his astounding feat of throwing seventy-five hundred-weight in rapid succession backhanded over his head, thus forming a fountain of solid iron in mid-air, a feat never before attempted in this or any other country, and which having elicited such rapturous plaudits from enthusiastic throngs it cannot be withdrawn.' The same Signor Jupe was to 'enliven the varied performances at frequent intervals with his chaste Shaksperean quips and retorts.' Lastly, he was to wind them up by appearing in his favourite character of Mr.
They were very orderly--there were neither scoffs nor plaudits, and when they saw us at the window above them there were many who buried their faces in their arms and wept.
Nor did any of us who had been upon that expedition of indescribable danger and glory lack for plaudits.
Napoleon in military uniform--a long-bodied, short-legged man, fiercely moustached, old, wrinkled, with eyes half closed, and such a deep, crafty, scheming expression about them!--Napoleon, bowing ever so gently to the loud plaudits, and watching everything and everybody with his cat eyes from under his depressed hat brim, as if to discover any sign that those cheers were not heartfelt and cordial.
The Romeo was received with hearty plaudits and unbounded favour, and Smike was pronounced unanimously, alike by audience and actors, the very prince and prodigy of Apothecaries.
This interesting performance having concluded amidst the loud plaudits of the whole company, a boy forthwith proceeded to entangle himself with the rails of a chair, and to jump over it, and crawl under it, and fall down with it, and do everything but sit upon it, and then to make a cravat of his legs, and tie them round his neck, and then to illustrate the ease with which a human being can be made to look like a magnified toad --all which feats yielded high delight and satisfaction to the assembled spectators.
Here they were, safe and sound, their work well done, and the plaudits of their companions in their ears.
The ballet at length came to a close, and the curtain fell amid the loud, unanimous plaudits of an enthusiastic and delighted audience.
Apellis Pharmaceuticals announced updated data from its Phase 2 PLAUDIT study of APL-2 in patients with autoimmune hemolytic anemia, including cold agglutinin disease and warm antibody autoimmune hemolytic anemia.
The wonderful, expert support team deserve every plaudit.