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It is also very necessary that children should have some employment which will amuse them; for which reason the rattle of Archytas seems well contrived, which they give children to play with, to prevent their breaking those things which are about the house; for at their age they cannot sit still: this therefore is well adapted to infants, as instruction ought to be their rattle as they grow up; hence it is evident that they should be so taught music as to be able to practise it.
10 : to handle something idly : toy <Don't play with your food!>
For me personally, the Brahms piano quartets are just as important as the concerti, especially if you can play with great musicians.
So in August 2005, she began taking golf lessons with PGA of America golf instructors at Evergreen Hills in their native Detroit, and she loves it: "It has been very special for me to be able to play with my son after years of taking him to the best courses and attending tournaments.
Our term for this play with three options is "Triple".
It's consensual and trusting and people refer to it as "play" (as in "I want to play with you").
He challenges Richard Helgerson's notion in Forms of Nationhood: The Elizabethan Writing of England that "the contest between orality and literacy" (134) is particular to historical drama and a matter ultimately of authorial promotion, before tentatively associating the decline of the history play with Jacobean culture's awareness of historiography.
I find myself generally at odds with Huntington's view that globalization will lead to a clash of civilizations, rather than a process of gradual interpenetration, although Islamic societies are certainly among those who have been more rigorous in their clear opposition to all the elements of pleasure and play with which western societies beckon and repel.
If you want to play with other people but hesitate--there is yet another great benefit to online play.
"Try to imagine the play with the sex of the characters [Catherine and her father's student] reversed," Taylor says.
Teacher: (Assured him that it would not take too long.) Kyle, you can play with Ms.
This is a big family/community and I don't think anymore in terms of who I play with just because they don't live in the same city.