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1. A book containing the scripts of dramatic plays.
2. Sports A notebook containing descriptions and diagrams of the plays of a team, especially a football team.
3. A set of tactics frequently employed by one engaged in a competitive activity.
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1. (American Football) a book containing a range of possible set plays
2. a notional range of possible tactics in any sphere of activity
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1. a book containing the scripts of plays.
2. a notebook containing diagrams of football plays.
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Noun1.playbook - a notebook containing descriptions and diagrams of the plays that a team has practiced (especially an American football team)playbook - a notebook containing descriptions and diagrams of the plays that a team has practiced (especially an American football team)
notebook - a book with blank pages for recording notes or memoranda
2.playbook - a book containing the scripts of one or more dramatic plays; "the 1963 playbook leaves out the whole first scene"
book - a written work or composition that has been published (printed on pages bound together); "I am reading a good book on economics"
3.playbook - a scheme or set of strategies for conducting a business campaign or a political campaign; "they borrowed a page from the playbook of the opposition"
scheme, strategy - an elaborate and systematic plan of action
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OIPD captured the successes and challenges from the pilot in a playbook for others to use to build their highway construction workforce.
The model of 'literariness' that, according to Atkin, was operative in this earlier period had little to do either with explicit efforts to distance a playbook from performance contexts, or with the presence of authorship attribution on title-pages.
Boston, MA, May 15, 2019 --( Playbook saves clients money with guided resource reduction.
Summary: The playbook includes user-friendly, application-driven models designed to help innovators and empower government entities
PS8.64bn 16 Harrison Ford PS5.45bn 17 Bradley Cooper PS5.44bn 18 Mark Ruffalo PS5.33bn 19 Leonardo DiCaprio PS5.20bn 20 Will Smith PS5.16bn Mark Ruffalo as The Hulk 4 Oscar nominations Best Film (as producer): American Sniper (2014) Best actor: American Sniper (2014) Silver Linings Playbook (2012) Best supporting actor: American Hustle (2013)
The former Philippine leader said answering Cayetano's questions would expose the country's "playbook and intelligence" to China, which could make the current government's life more difficult.
Aquino, however, refused to provide answers to Cayetano's questions, saying that by doing so China will be given 'a gold mine of information and intelligence' or a 'playbook' of the country's strategy in the West Philippine Sea.
"The Chief Data Officer's Playbook" is written by two practicing CDOs who offer a practical, direct and engaging discussion of the role, its place and importance within organizations.
A hallmark of the site is the Integration Playbook, developed as a guide to integrating behavioral health in primary care and other ambulatory care settings.
NAVSUP Fleet Logistics Center (FLC) Yokosuka announced the launch of the Logistics Playbook on July 20 to provide an integrated logistics resource for the fleet in the Asia-Pacific region.
Summary: Etisalat Group with Deloitte and Huawei have launcheda joint White Paper entitled "From Pipelines to Clouds -- Etisalat`s Playbook" that …