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A usually wealthy woman who spends much of her time pursuing leisure and romance.


a rich woman devoted to pleasurean actress



a girl or woman who pursues a life of pleasure without responsibility or attachments.
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The parties amicably settled their differences,'' Playgirl attorney Kent Raygor said.
TITANIC co-star Leonardo DiCaprio is at the centre of a row with Playgirl magazine which plans to print nude photos of him taken without his knowledge.
New York, Sept 22 (ANI): 'Jersey Shore' star Vinny Guadagnino has been offered 30,000 dollars to pose nude in a full-frontal photo shoot for Playgirl magazine, according to Life and Style's Scene Queens.
IT USED TO BE that Playgirl models went out of their way to keep secret anything that would keep them from being a sexual fantasy for straight women.
Wearing a Playgirl T-shirt, he threw himself about the stage like a rag doll, often collapsing in a heap during the band's short set.
Leonardo DiCaprio sued Playgirl magazine Thursday to keep it from publishing nude pictures of him in its July issue.
Before then, she had lived pretty much as a playgirl, with little public sympathy.
Johnston, a Playgirl model, is presently looking for a reality gig of his own, possibly as a candidate for Mayor of Wasilla, Alaska.
America, and former Playgirl model Rod Jackson promoted themselves as iconographic models for same-sex marriage--and both gay and mainstream media enthusiastically supported them.
Unless things have really changed, I don't think that I could check out the latest edition of Penthouse or Playgirl, yet kids have access to pornographic Web sites where they can view a lot more than nude women and men.
A lawyer for Brad made the argument in the latest round of the actor's bid to ban an issue of Playgirl containing the pics.
Johnston's previous work experience includes being a model for Playgirl magazine.