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also play-off  (plā′ôf′, -ŏf′)
n. Sports
1. A final game or series of games played to break a tie.
2. A series of games played to determine a championship.
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Noun1.playoff - any final competition to determine a championship
playoff game - one game in the series of games constituting a playoff
contest, competition - an occasion on which a winner is selected from among two or more contestants
World Series - series that constitutes the playoff for the baseball championship; "we watched the World Series on TV"
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Africain 74-81 Ranking: Pts G 1) Club Africain 24 12 Qualify for playoff 2) US Monastir 21 12 Qualify for playoff 3) JS Kairouan 18 12 Qualify for playoff 4) ES Goulette 18 12 Qualify for playoff 5) CA Bizertin 17 12 playout 6) Ezzahra sport 16 12 playout 7) Gazelec 12 12 playout Group B: AS Hammamet - ES Sahel 60-78 S.
Lofton, by himself, has 81 games of postseason experience before this season, and the nine replacement players total 178 playoff games, including Maddux (31), Garciaparra (26) and Furcal (22).
Fans who purchase the "Follow You Team" option to one of the league's eight Conference Semfinal Playoff teams will receive full game recaps of every game the team plays from the Conference Semifinals through The Finals and a season recap video for $8.
SAN FRANCISCO - Their wild-card ticket punched and their first-round playoff destination set, the Dodgers could trace the route from here to a pennant and marvel Sunday at how close it looks on the baseball's new topographical map.
NEW YORK -- The National Hockey League's marketing, licensing, retail and broadcast partners are offering fans trips to the Stanley Cup Final, a new car, community rink renovations and a new line of official Stanley Cup Playoff apparel through sweepstakes and promotions as part of the NHL's 'My Stanley Cup' initiative.
The Clippers took apart the Phoenix Suns 118-106 in front of 19,985 fans at Staples Center to send their playoff series back on the road to be settled in a seventh game.
The free highlights will be available throughout the playoff season and continue through Super Bowl XL.
In the Clippers' first playoff game in nine years on Saturday, approximately 20 reporters crowded into Dunleavy's office, and the coach answered questions with a variety of fiery replies.
Modeled after playoff structures that have been so successful in other major sports, the new competitive format will include a "regular season" that splits the LPGA schedule into two halves, with 15 players from each half and two wild card players qualifying for LPGA Playoffs at The ADT and the season-ending final event, the ADT Championship, using a performance-based point system throughout the year.
Never mind the ticket-buyers who might have wanted to see a reigning MVP like Nash and other playoff contenders affected by the results of these games.
NEW YORK -- Reebok Apparel, Spalding Basketballs and EA Sports Video Game Sales Increasing During Playoffs; 70th Sellout Sets League's All-Time Playoff Mark
But Jackson first has to decide about including Mihm on the playoff roster.