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Noun1.playscript - a written version of a play or other dramatic compositionplayscript - a written version of a play or other dramatic composition; used in preparing for a performance
dramatic composition, dramatic work - a play for performance on the stage or television or in a movie etc.
prompt copy, promptbook - the copy of the playscript used by the prompter
continuity - a detailed script used in making a film in order to avoid discontinuities from shot to shot
dialog, dialogue - the lines spoken by characters in drama or fiction
libretto - the words of an opera or musical play
scenario - an outline or synopsis of a play (or, by extension, of a literary work)
screenplay - a script for a film including dialogue and descriptions of characters and sets
shooting script - the final detailed script for making a movie or TV program
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The publication of Denison's playscript and the three known productions of Marsh Hay are important because the critical responses they elicited convey the complex and shifting attitudes towards motherhood in Canada during the twentieth century.
To begin with, too little of her argument is supported with textural evidence; quotations from the playscript are few and far between.
The package of resources is intended to make the production as easy as possible for teachers and pupils at Key Stage 2, and includes a CD/cassette of eight songs, full playscript, and staging and dance ideas.
These are playscript procedures, flowchart procedures, wizards, and interface annotations.
The style of the transcripts, which reads like a playscript, also presents difficulties.
The book is organised as follows: a short introduction outlining the philosophy and organisation of the book; a selection of 20 warm-up activities; the 16 'lessons' which make up the main part of the book; and finally a short playscript designed for performance.
Some formats discussed are outline, playscript, flowchart, matrix, and question and answer.
At precisely the historical moment that literary theory and textual scholarship have problematized authorship, intentionality, the stability of the text, and the ways the playscript is read and interpreted, stage practice and the scholarly industry that has invented itself to describe it have both clung tenaciously to the notion of a singular, knowable and comprehensible author, the transcendent genius whose intentions can be found, replicated in the theater, and analyzed in performance criticism.
Another regular American Theatre fixture is represented by this month's playscript, Dry Land (p.
Fifth, they created a new format for the manuals that was totally different from the old playscript procedure.
As a text, the novel Scorpion Orchid has a confirmed place in the Southeast Asian literary canon, while its playscript may not.
In a playscript procedure, only required activity materializes; the mays, the shalls, the shoulds, the wills, and the woulds--established stars of government standards--never get a screen test.