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1. A play outfit usually consisting of shorts and a top, sometimes in one piece, that is often worn by children.
2. See romper.


(ˈpleɪˌsuːt; -ˌsjuːt)
(Clothing & Fashion) a woman's or child's outfit, usually comprising shorts and a top



an outfit consisting of shorts and a top, sometimes in one piece, worn by women and children as sportswear.
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Noun1.playsuit - a sports outfit for women or childrenplaysuit - a sports outfit for women or children; usually consists of shorts and a blouse
getup, outfit, rig, turnout - a set of clothing (with accessories); "his getup was exceedingly elegant"
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Having spent many hours observing the most stylish women on the beach, here are my findings: beach dresses/ playsuits are built for purpose, unlined, lightweight and gauzy and pom-poms and broderieanglaise are acceptable.
PS50 fIve under Off-shoulder playsuit I love these fun playsuits - they're perfect holiday wardrobe pieces.
Oh no, Rosie's created a stylish selection of silk teddies and satin playsuits for some real beauty sleep.
With the party and wedding season coming up, everyone deserves to look gorgeous and feel sexy this summer and I can't wait for my dresses, jumpsuits and playsuits to be available to every girl shopping for that special occasion.
Melbourne, March 28 ( ANI ): Shane Warne's teenage daughter has gone through a huge makeover period, as she switched from wearing GAP hoodies and tracksuits to fitted dresses and stylish playsuits.
The collection offers gorgeous trend led designs and easy to wear separates; including acid wash denim shorts, cute crop tops, pretty playsuits and girly floral dresses all of which are super affordable.
The designs seen here, which include cute pin-up-style playsuits, gorgeous dresses and vintage-looking prom skirts hit shops and online from today.
Choose from uber-comfy playsuits - these hassle-free outfits mean you can just throw them on with a pair of comfy gladiator sandals to look ultra-cool.
Visit Missguided for on trend fashion including party dresses, tops, playsuits and footwear.
uk asked 2,000 women aged 18-30 what they most commonly wear on a night out and found that dresses languished in third place, behind skinny jeans and playsuits.
From dresses and playsuits, to tees and shorts, the hottest print of the season is winging its way to a high street near you