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 (plēch, plāch)
tr.v. pleached, pleach·ing, pleach·es
1. To plait or interlace (branches or vines, for example), especially in making a hedge or an arbor.
2. To shade or border with interlaced branches or vines.

[Middle English plechen, from Old North French plechier, probably from Latin plectere; see plek- in Indo-European roots.]
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A training method where the branches of a hedge are intertwined to form a wall of foliage.
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We all worked together cheerfully, pulling out brash, cutting and sharpening stakes, pleaching and laying the 'pleachers'.
This pleaching is a great idea where you want to screen tall buildings from view or create a seethrough corridor in the garden.
It's called pleaching and when a number are put together in a straight line, they form a hedge in the sky with bare stems for two metres so you can plant around them.
Techniques such a pleaching, widely used on France, allows the training and annual pruning of trees as specimens, in rows and in avenues and can control relatively large trees in a small garden setting.
PLEACHING YOU can grow trees such as lime, ash, beech and hornbeam into a high-level narrow "pleached" hedge by tying and interlacing the flexible young shoots on a framework of wires - a great way to screen tall buildings from view.
Mae'r ffordd maen nhw'n rhoi roi'r geirie efo'i gilydd yn swnio'n eitha Cymreig hefyd, ee: It was sniving wi' oonty-tumps' ydi 'Roedd o'n llawn o dwmpathau twrch daear.' 'Loose 'im go quietly, dunner tush im out' ydi 'Gad iddo fo fynd yn dawel, paid a'i wthio fo allan.' 'They was pleaching a hedge by the pitch' = 'Roedden nhw'n plygu gwrych wrth y darn serth yn y ffordd.' Dwi'n bendant am ddod yn l yma efo Del a'r campafan.