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Agreeable; gratifying.

pleas′ur·a·bil′i·ty, pleas′ur·a·ble·ness n.
pleas′ur·a·bly adv.


the characteristic of being pleasurable
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If you are not convinced that practical reasoning aims at pleasure--and I have nowhere suggested that you should be--then of course the question of whether sound practical reasoning involves only considerations of pleasurability will seem wide open.
While previous studies by Yosipovitch have shown the pleasurability of itching, analysis of itch relief at different body sites and related pleasurability had not been performed until now.
Moreover, the type of play here involved, where the artifice and the expected form are easily recoverable, complies with Giora et al's (2004) notion of pleasurability optimisation.
(3) In the first play Ksemisvara explores the pleasurability of horror (bibhatsa) and terror (bhayanaka) through a rather ghastly description of the Varanasi cemetery.
"Locavore, eating locally, combining sustainability with pleasurability, eating should be sensuous, a pleasure.
is, so to speak, the second side of digression's pleasurability.
beauty and the pleasurability of the fig are implicit in its ripeness,
Now, he explains how attributes such as attractiveness, fun and pleasurability apply to juicers and cars just as much they do to people's mates.