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A fold, especially one of several parallel folds made by doubling cloth or other material on itself and then pressing or stitching it into place.
tr.v. pleat·ed, pleat·ing, pleats
To press or arrange in pleats: pleat a skirt; pleat curtains.

[Middle English plet, variant of plait, pleat, fold; see plait.]

pleat′er n.


(Knitting & Sewing) an attachment on a sewing machine that makes pleats
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Lung, who was brandishing a steel bosom pleater, before he could catch the boys who escaped.
Indeed, Davenport is widely thought to have inspired the larger-than-life character of Vincent Crummles in Charles Dickens's Nicholas Nickleby, a connection first suggested by actor William Pleater Davidge and vehemently denied by Jean Davenport herself (McLean, "How" 133-52; Waters 78; Lander).
A "plisseur," or pleater - who normally works for Paris haute couture houses - starches and folds the silk just so.
There are new dedicated assembly cells for the LoneStar filters and a new pleater has been added, giving the plant the capability of doing 2 to 6 in.
Two of the many products offered by A2Z are an air permeability/pore size tester, and an intelligent pleater, shown in the adjacent photographs.
Now Mallarme, maker of many pleats, folded much into himself, being a great gatherer, a pleater together or multi-plier.
Production runs show that Pleatex undertakes faster pleating compared to other synthetic media when pleated on a rotary pleater.
At Filtration 2014, A2Z will showcase its more popular a2z Intelligent Blade Pleater with Moller Allen Bradly controls featuring speeds up to 300 pleats per minute, precision engineered technology and state-of-the-art drive mechanisms.
At Filtration 2013 A2Z will be showcasing its most popular Intelligent Blade Pleater.