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"It's a kind of pleating," explained Dorothy, putting down the dog.
The cartridge pleating method works best with a mediumweight fabric that keeps folds and presses well, such as linen, cotton broadcloth, drapier quilting cottons or cotton/linen blends.
Webex has introduced specially designed and grooved heating rollers that work in semi-nip configurations to create precision pleating webs for use in filter media.
* Web material is quickly formed into fan-folded filter media with pleating rollers from Webex.
IF you want to turn heads this festive season, there's one party trick every girl should master: the art of pleating, writes ALISON KERR
Both solutions do indicate that the coefficient is a function of the pleating ratio (ratio of [A.sub.5]/[A.sub.4] or [A.sub.3]/[A.sub.4]).
All of the diagrams used in this article show the pleating process as applied to the simple vamp moccasin type.
The box should be firm on top but have considerable and slightly flexible pleating on the back; be flat or curved depending upon the configuration of your toes; fit snugly, but not tightly; be rounded or pointed at the tip; and be the color you desire.
Plus, learn the history of tartan plaid and traditional pleating techniques.
Shanghai Feng Cheng Machinery Engineering (FCME) will display its most advanced knife pleating machine at Filtration 2008.
Using the recorded measurement as the height and 4" as the base width, draw an isosceles triangle for the pleating template (8).