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A fold, especially one of several parallel folds made by doubling cloth or other material on itself and then pressing or stitching it into place.
tr.v. pleat·ed, pleat·ing, pleats
To press or arrange in pleats: pleat a skirt; pleat curtains.

[Middle English plet, variant of plait, pleat, fold; see plait.]

pleat′er n.
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Noun1.pleating - the act of folding in parallel folds
folding, fold - the act of folding; "he gave the napkins a double fold"
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It's a kind of pleating," explained Dorothy, putting down the dog.
Media shall be synthetic reinforced fibers, evenly spaced radial pleating secured to the frame perimeter with adhesive and supported by a diamond cut frame on both sides as well as a metal retainer of expanded metal or welded wire on one side.
Webex has introduced specially designed and grooved heating rollers that work in semi-nip configurations to create precision pleating webs for use in filter media.
Web material is quickly formed into fan-folded filter media with pleating rollers from Webex.
IF you want to turn heads this festive season, there's one party trick every girl should master: the art of pleating, writes ALISON KERR