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1. A solemn binding promise to do, give, or refrain from doing something: signed a pledge never to reveal the secret; a pledge of money to a charity.
a. Something given or held as security to guarantee payment of a debt or fulfillment of an obligation.
b. The condition of something thus given or held: put an article in pledge.
3. Law
a. Delivery of goods or personal property as security for a debt or obligation: a loan requiring a pledge of property.
b. The contract or transaction stipulating or involving such delivery.
4. A token or sign: "fair pledges of a fruitful tree" (Robert Herrick).
5. A person who has been accepted for membership in a fraternity or similar organization and has promised to join but has not yet been initiated.
6. A vow to abstain from alcoholic liquor: ex-drinkers who have taken the pledge.
7. Archaic The act of drinking in honor of someone; a toast.
v. pledged, pledg·ing, pledg·es
1. To offer or guarantee by a solemn binding promise: pledge loyalty to a nation; pledge that the duties of the office will be fulfilled. See Synonyms at promise.
2. To bind or secure by a pledge or promise: pledged themselves to the cause. See Synonyms at devote.
3. To deposit as security; pawn.
a. To promise to join (a fraternity or similar organization).
b. To accept as a prospective member of such an organization.
5. Archaic To drink a toast to.
1. To make a solemn binding promise; swear.
2. Archaic To drink a toast.

[Middle English, from Old French plege, probably from Late Latin plevium, a security, of Germanic origin; see dlegh- in Indo-European roots.]
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Adj.1.pledged - bound by or as if by an oath; "according to an early tradition became his sworn brother"; "sworn enemies"
committed - bound or obligated, as under a pledge to a particular cause, action, or attitude; "committed church members"; "a committed Marxist"
References in classic literature ?
And then and there Jo renounced her old ambition, pledged herself to a new and better one, acknowledging the poverty of other desires, and feeling the blessed solace of a belief in the immortality of love.
But, emulating the patience and self-denial of the practiced native warriors, they learned to overcome every difficulty; and it would seem that, in time, there was no recess of the woods so dark, nor any secret place so lovely, that it might claim exemption from the inroads of those who had pledged their blood to satiate their vengeance, or to uphold the cold and selfish policy of the distant monarchs of Europe.
Pyncheon pledged his honor and integrity to the fulfillment of the terms concluded upon.
If I had known you were going to challenge him, I should have felt obliged to sacrifice my pledged word in order to stop it, but Wilson couldn't be expected to do otherwise than keep silent.
Every man stood firm; and at our last meeting, we pledged ourselves afresh, in the most solemn manner, that, at the time appointed, we would cer- tainly start in pursuit of freedom.
The confession of that vanished delusion was left for her to make, as part of the story of the past which she had pledged herself unreservedly to reveal.
Uncle Scrooge had imperceptibly become so gay and light of heart, that he would have pledged the unconscious company in return, and thanked them in an inaudible speech, if the Ghost had given him time.
The occupations to which Traddles stood pledged, rendered it necessary to fix a somewhat distant one; but an appointment was made for the purpose, that suited us all, and then I took my leave.
Pumblechook pledged himself over and over again to keep Joseph up to the mark (I don't know what mark), and to render me efficient and constant service (I don't know what service).
To bring that about, their fellow slaves all over the world must unite in a vast international association of men pledged to share the world's work justly; to share the produce of the work justly; to yield not a farthing--charity apart--to any full-grown and able-bodied idler or malingerer, and to treat as vermin in the commonwealth persons attempting to get more than their share of wealth or give less than their share of work.
He was very ill, and it required all my ardor as an historian pledged to the truth to persuade him to live the incredible tragedy over again for my benefit.
Would that found myself, lovely and exalted lady, in a position to repay such a favour as that which you, by the sight of your great beauty, have granted me; but fortune, which is never weary of persecuting the good, has chosen to place me upon this bed, where I lie so bruised and broken that though my inclination would gladly comply with yours it is impossible; besides, to this impossibility another yet greater is to be added, which is the faith that I have pledged to the peerless Dulcinea del Toboso, sole lady of my most secret thoughts; and were it not that this stood in the way I should not be so insensible a knight as to miss the happy opportunity which your great goodness has offered me.