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1. A person to whom something is pledged.
2. A person who receives a pledge of goods or personal property as security.


1. (Law) a person to whom a pledge is given
2. (Law) a person to whom property is delivered as a pledge



a person to whom something is pledged.
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Noun1.pledgee - someone to whom a pledge is made or someone with whom something is deposited as a pledge
adult, grownup - a fully developed person from maturity onward
pawnbroker - a person who lends money at interest in exchange for personal property that is deposited as security
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the pledgee must submit an application for registering the pledge along with a copy of the pledge contract and the relevant documents;
However, the system-driven disclosure under the SAST regulations would not be "applied to a scheduled commercial bank or public financial institution as pledgee irrespective of whether such a pledge is for securing indebtedness in the ordinary course of business or not".
(48) In the case of default of the debtor, the pledgee cannot automatically utilize the asset pledged but shall refer the matter to the competent court.
Similar to conventional pawn-broking, the borrower must pledge a valuable asset as a collateral on the loan, hence the terms pledger (rahin), pledgee (murtahin, the lender) and the pledge (rahn).
1 SCC: "Except where otherwise provided by law, chattels may be pledged only by the transfer of possession of the pledged chattel to the pledgee."
In case the customer fails to meet his debt obligation, the bank as pledgee can dispose of the gold bar/jewellery at market value to recoup the customer's outstanding debt.
This permits any "legal holder of the indebtedness, a pledgee, an agent or a trustee" to foreclose on a defaulting borrower.
this time the legislator expressly provides that, regarding the transported goods, the carrier enjoys the rights of a pledgee. (4)
The mentioned edition of the PEICL emphasises that this is usually the case when the third party benefits from the cover, for example, either directly as the insured, or indirectly as the pledgee. In other cases, payment by a third party intended as a gift to the policyholder, for example, when a mother keeps paying health insurance premiums for her bankrupt son (Basedow et al., 2009).
1923) (bank to whom note had been pledged by its holder to secure another obligation had standing, as pledgee, to sue to enforce the note).
non-shareholder pledgee to become a stockholder in place of the original