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One who makes or gives a pledge.
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Noun1.pledger - someone who makes or gives a pledge
adult, grownup - a fully developed person from maturity onward
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The Pledger agrees to match all fundraising up to a certain level (his or her 'cap') or has a company agreeing to carry out that 'match' on their behalf.
The finished product will either be emailed to the pledger or sent off to be printed on high quality ready-to-display canvas.
The oldest pledger is David Rockefeller Sr, aged 99, and the youngest at 30 o-founders of Facebook Mark Zuckerberg and Dustin Moskovitz.
As the NRL fever rages on, Corey Thompson of Canterbury Bulldogs opens up the tragic incident related to the death of his closest friend, Daniel Pledger.
Landlord MarK Haynes and the firm's Adam Pledger were not in court to hear the decision.
Lynne Pledger of Clean Water Action said the new state inspectors will allow the state to look for patterns.
Front row: W Speck, R Milburn, M Pepper, J Rodgers, J Somergill, N Pledger and R Stockton.
For pounds 50, pledgers get a signed copy of Mayflower, a copy of his previous album Asthill Grove, a thank you and extra goodies, while pounds 100 gets a personalised recording of the pledger's choice, dedicated to them.
KNIGHT, Fran Literature to support the Australian curriculum: annotated lists of fiction and poetry Fran Knight, Pledger Consulting, 2011 99pp $38.
Saffron Pledger - who won't even start school for another year and a half - is now set to join high IQ society Mensa after tests revealed she has an IQ of 140, reports the Daily Mail.
New Zealand: Tait 12, Penney 26, Vukona 11, Abercrombie 23, Bradshaw 10, Fitchett, Jones 13, Cameron 3, Frank 8, Pledger, Anthony 2, Kench
Initiatives to end the seal hunt on the part of the Humane Society include boycotting Canadian seafood products until the hunt is ended, and making a pledge to do something pro-Canada if the country ends its commercial hunt, from buying a lifetime supply of maple syrup to posting a video in which the pledger sings "O Canada.