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plein air

or plein-air  (plān′âr′, plĕ-nĕr′)
1. Of or being a style of painting produced out of doors in natural light.
2. Taking place outdoors: plein air dining.

[From French (en) plein air, (in) the open air : en, in + plein, full + air, air.]


(ˌpleɪnˈɛə; French plɛnɛr)
(Art Terms) of or in the manner of various French 19th-century schools of painting, esp impressionism, concerned with the observation of light and atmosphere effects outdoors
[C19: from French phrase en plein air in the open (literally: full) air]
plein-airist n


(ˌpleɪnˈɛər; Fr. plɛˈnɛr)

1. of or pertaining to a style of impressionist painting seeking to produce the luminous effects of outdoor light.
2. of or pertaining to painting done in daylight out of doors.
[1890–95; < French: literally, open air]
plein`-air′ism, n.
plein`-air′ist, n.