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1. Existing in great quantity or ample supply.
2. Providing or producing an abundance: settlers moving to a more plentiful region.

plen′ti·ful·ly adv.
plen′ti·ful·ness n.
Synonyms: plentiful, abundant, ample, copious, plenteous
These adjectives mean being fully as much as one needs or desires: a plentiful supply; the artist's abundant talent; ample space; copious provisions; a plenteous crop of wheat.
Antonym: scant
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Noun1.plentifulness - a full supply; "there was plenty of food for everyone"
abundance, copiousness, teemingness - the property of a more than adequate quantity or supply; "an age of abundance"
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And now I speak not of the love that has been turned to hatred, the honor to ignominy, the ease and plentifulness of all things to danger, want, and nakedness.
Apart from favorable placement and plentifulness, sanra also connote "that which has paid the body".
Phillip Mallett's talk was called "The Body in the Woods," in which he spoke of how the mind and body interact in the novel, the power of suggestion, craniology, somnambulism, the disconnection between the mental and physical life, inner vision, metamorphosing marks, and Darwinian plentifulness among many other fascinating subjects.
In today's, electric drive and period innovation, multiphase machines has a few favorable circumstances over the conventional three stage machines, for example, lessening the plentifulness and expanding the recurrence of torque throb diminishing the rotor consonant current per stage without expanding the voltage per stage bringing down the dc interface current sounds and high dependability, high adaptation to internal failure.
Bulmer also reports that 'a child had the same totem as its father' in Gippsland and he believed that such totems 'were selected because of their plentifulness in a district' (1999:10).
All of them lived and died in poverty and hunger while the rich and powerful lived in plentifulness: Invisible Injustice.
From Crisis to Plentifulness of Opportunities," focused today on the most promising economic sectors in the Sultanate, like manufacturing, fisheries, tourism, logistics, transportation, mining at Grand Hyatt Hotel - Muscat.
In studies conducted with migrants from rural areas, Woortmann (15) points out that, once deprived from the production of foods and good remuneration, migrants remember the "plentifulness" lived in the rural area in the past, now replaced by the scarcity of food in the city.