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[pleon, crustacean abdomen (from Greek pleōn, plō, present active participle of plein, to swim; see pleu- in Indo-European roots) + -pod.]
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(Zoology) another name for swimmeret
[C19: from Greek plein to swim + pous foot]
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(ˈswɪm əˌrɛt)

(in certain crustaceans) any of the small paired paddlelike abdominal appendages used for swimming and carrying eggs.
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Noun1.pleopod - one of the paired abdominal appendages of certain aquatic crustaceans that function primarily for carrying the eggs in females and are usually adapted for swimmingpleopod - one of the paired abdominal appendages of certain aquatic crustaceans that function primarily for carrying the eggs in females and are usually adapted for swimming
lobster - any of several edible marine crustaceans of the families Homaridae and Nephropsidae and Palinuridae
shrimp - small slender-bodied chiefly marine decapod crustaceans with a long tail and single pair of pincers; many species are edible
isopod - any of various small terrestrial or aquatic crustaceans with seven pairs of legs adapted for crawling
appendage, extremity, member - an external body part that projects from the body; "it is important to keep the extremities warm"
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The form of the male pleopod in this specimen was essentially the same as that seen in specimens in Zimmerman's collection from several other sites.
Hemolymph (200 [micro]L) was withdrawn from the pleopod base of the first abdominal segment with a sterile 1 mL syringe (27 G*13 mm needle) preloaded with 400 [micro]L of a cooled anticoagulant solution (450 mM NaCl, 10 mM KCl, 10 mM Hepes, and 10 mM EDTA [Na.sub.2], pH 7.3) (Vargas-Albores et al., 1993).
Sexes were determined by the presence or absence of appendix masculina on the second pleopod for male and female, respectively (Mantelatto and Barbosa, 2005).
The central projection diverges from the mesial process and the central projection length to total length of pleopod (mean = 44.86%, range = 34.4-56.3%) is intermediate between Orconectes cristavarius and O.
Carapace length (CL) from the anterior median notch to the posterior carapace margin, cheliped propodus length (Ch.L) and height (Ch.H), abdomen width (AW) of the fifth somite in female, and gonopod length (GL) (the first pair of pleopod) in male.
triserialis was found only in the pleopod of the hosts with the highest prevalence values (42 %), intensity (2.9) and range (1-11).
The length and height of the propodus of the largest cheliped, the length of the merus of the second walking leg, and the length of the primary pleopod of each male crab in Cockburn Sound and Shark Bay were measured to the nearest 0.1 mm.
At the end of each trial, CL was measured again and the tip of a single pleopod was clipped from each individual for microscopic determination of molt stage (Lyle & MacDonald 1983).
6G, 11I): Adult-like; pleopod developed; thorax completely covered by carapace; last five thoracic sternal plates with 2, 2, 0, 1, 1 spines.
The steroids were injected in the abdominal muscle, in proximity to the fifth pleopod, two times a week for 4 weeks.
To assess that those shrimp were free from both NHP-B and WSSV, 11 shrimp were chosen randomly and analyzed by PCR using DNA extracted from a pleopod, with the methodology previously described.