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 (plĕ-thĭz′mə-grăf′, plə-)
An instrument that measures variations in the size of an organ or body part on the basis of the amount of blood passing through or present in the part.

[Greek plēthusmos, increase (from plēthūnein, to increase, from plēthūs, quantity, from plēthein, to be full; see pelə- in Indo-European roots) + -graph.]

ple·thys′mo·graph′ic adj.
pleth′ys·mog′ra·phy (plĕth′ĭz-mŏg′rə-fē) n.


(pləˈθɪzməˌɡrɑːf; -ˌɡræf; -ˈθɪs-)
(Physiology) physiol a device for measuring the fluctuations in volume of a bodily organ or part, such as those caused by variations in the amount of blood it contains
[C19: from Greek plēthusmos enlargement + graphein to write]


(pləˈθɪz məˌgræf, -ˌgrɑf)

a device for measuring and recording changes in the volume of the body or of a body part or organ.
[1870–75; < Greek plēthysm(ós) increase, multiplication (plēthý(nein) to increase, derivative of plêthos large number, crowd + -smos, variant of -mos n. suffix) + -o- + -graph; first coined in Italian as pletismografo]
ple•thys`mo•graph′ic (-ˈgræf ɪk) adj.
pleth•ys•mog•ra•phy (ˌplɛθ ɪzˈmɒg rə fi) n.
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Noun1.plethysmograph - a measuring instrument for measuring changes in volume of a part or organ or whole body (usually resulting from fluctuations in the amount of blood it contains)
body plethysmograph - plethysmograph consisting of a chamber surrounding the entire body; used in studies of respiration
digital plethysmograph - plethysmograph applied to a digit of the hand or foot to measure skin blood flow
measuring device, measuring instrument, measuring system - instrument that shows the extent or amount or quantity or degree of something
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To quantify the extent of ozone-induced ventilatory dysfunction (which has not been previously reported in pregnant Long-Evans rats), conscious, unrestrained rats were placed in whole-body plethysmographs immediately following exposure.
The six-minute walk test, the modified Medical Research Council Dyspnea Scale, body plethysmographs, carbon monoxide diffusion tests, and arterial blood gas analysis were practiced.
Measurement tools mentioned in the literature have included standardised stereo-radiographic or photographic measurements, computerised tomography, linear measurement, Vernier calipers to measure cheek-girth, modified face-bow devices, ultrasonography, facial plethysmographs or various other means of taking direct facial measurements.
Particularly strong in this period were domestic and international shipments of high-value plethysmographs, coupled with successful promotions related to the company's UltimaTM product line and certified systems.
While pulse oximetry became standard in the operating room and in other critical care areas as a detector of hypoxemia - all pulse oximeters are fundamental photoelectric plethysmographs - PWV has been largely ignored.
Body plethysmographs can register gas compression volume during the flow-volume manoeuvre with no extra effort by the user, and the investigation of the possible changes in gas compression after administration of a bronchodilator may be valuable in assessing the effect of bronchodilators.
The difference between flow and pressure plethysmographs is explored and a section on computerized PFT instruments discuss data acquisition, sampling techniques, analog to digital conversion, plus data storage and analysis.