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pertaining to the pleura, a serous membrane lining the thorax and enveloping the lungs: pleural pneumonia
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pleu·ra 1

n. pl. pleu·rae (plo͝or′ē)
A thin serous membrane in mammals that envelops each lung and folds back to make a lining for the chest cavity.

[Middle English, from Medieval Latin, from Greek, side, rib.]

pleu′ral adj.

pleu·ra 2

Plural of pleuron.


n. pl. pleu·ra (plo͝or′ə)
Either of the two lateral portions of a body segment of an arthropod.

[New Latin, from Greek, side, rib.]

pleu·ral adj.
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Adj.1.pleural - of or relating to the pleura or the walls of the thorax; "pleural muscles"
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[ˈplʊərl] adjpleurico/a
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a. pleural, rel. a la pleura;
___ cavitycavidad ___;
___ effusionderrame ___;
___ fibrosisfibrosis ___;
___ mesotheliomaendotelioma maligno ___.
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adj pleural
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Keywords: Video-assisted thoracoscopic surgery, Nonspecific pleuritis, Exudative, Pleural effusion, Follow-up.
Tuberculous pleurisy is a pleural specific inflammatory reaction caused by the entry of tuberculosis bacillus and its metabolites into highly allergic pleural cavity.
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Pleural effusion is a common clinical problem that can occur due to systemic, pulmonary, and pleural pathologies (1).
His chest x-ray revealed left pleural effusion (Figure 1).
To the Editor: We appreciate the attentive and interesting article 'clinical value of tumor markers for determining cause of pleural effusion' written by Gu et al .[1] The authors have nicely shown the tumor markers in tuberculous pleural effusion (TPE) differ significantly from those in malignant pleural effusion (MPE) especially when detected in pleural fluid, and there is still no single tumor marker with high sensitivity and specificity in differential diagnosis of pleural effusion (such as TPE and MPE); the combined detection of tumor markers can improve diagnostic sensitivity.
Pleural effusions are a common disease presentation in routine clinical practice, especially for a pulmonologist.
Pleural effusion is an excess fluid that accumulates between the two pleural layers.
Pleural disease is the most frequent intrathoracic manifestation of rheumatoid arthritis (RA) and causes pleural effusion in up to 20% of patients, although clinically apparent in only 5% [1].