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n. pl. pleu·ra (plo͝or′ə)
Either of the two lateral portions of a body segment of an arthropod.

[New Latin, from Greek, side, rib.]

pleu·ral adj.


n, pl pleura (ˈplʊərə)
(Zoology) the part of the cuticle of arthropods that covers the lateral surface of a body segment
[C18: from Greek: side]
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Thoas, son of Andraemon, commanded the Aetolians, who dwelt in Pleuron, Olenus, Pylene, Chalcis by the sea, and rocky Calydon, for the great king Oeneus had now no sons living, and was himself dead, as was also golden-haired Meleager, who had been set over the Aetolians to be their king.
These pits are contiguous at the lateral margins and the pleuron but not on the pronotal disc.
Thoracic pleuron glossy brown without microtomentum except for anteroventral portion of anepisternum, ventral 2/3 of katepisternum and posteroventral portion of katepimeron black.
Male abdomen: Pleuron with large dome-like differentiated area on segment 4 (occupying approximately ventral 3A of pleuron 4); hypandrium with a very short anterior plate and strong posterodorsal arms connecting to phallic plate, dorsolateral margin of posterodorsal arm with a prominent lobe (Fig.
In this group, where large series of specimens are available for comparative study, there appears to be developmental and interspecific variation in the extent and intensity of the tergite's lateral sclerotization, so that, in some specimens, especially those that are teneral, the spiracle appears to open on an unsclerotized portion of the pleuron membrane.
Angulos posteriores del pronoto poco obtusos o casi rectos, doblados o replegados hacia el pleuron. Pigidio masculino generalmente glabro, en algunas especies tiene una cobertura de sedas largas abundantes y en otras con sedas cortas esparcidas.
Pronotum with dorsal end of epomia raised; mesoscutum strongly punctate (Figure 5); scutellum more or less flat with punctures (Figure 5), mesopleuron with regularly punctate except in the black diagonal stripe; epicnemial carina reaching anterior end of pleuron about half way up pronotum; sternaulus strongly impressed anteriorly; metapleuron regularly punctate over entire surface (Figure 6); submetapleural carina present and moderately elevated (Figure 6).
This species is most closely related to flavidus Signoret, nigrofasciatus StAl, ortus Distant and superstitiosus (F.) in having pygophore round with sharp edges, medially concave with two tubercles at sides, pleuron of abdominal segment clearly red and white patterned and paramere stout, dorsal side flat with apically setose stem but it appears isolated in its group and could easily be separated from other species of its group in having corial membrane pale with anterior femora sharply spinose along their entire length and parameral distal spur not continuous with proximal spur.
In the laboratory, the carapace length (CL), the length of the largest of the first pair of chelipeds, and the second abdominal segment (maximum lateral length of the pleuron) of all shrimp were measured under the stereomicroscope to the nearest 0.025 mm.