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a.1.(Anat.) Of or pertaining to the pleural and peritoneal membranes or cavities, or to the pleuroperitoneum.
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It is more common on the left side as the right pleuroperitoneal canal closes earlier than the left (4).
Konjenital ya da travma sonucu veya pleuroperitoneal zarin gelisimsel bozuklugu sonucu olusan diyafram hernileri ile iliskili olabilir.
In infants, herniation through a persistent embryonic pleuroperitoneal hiatus is not only the most common form of diaphragmatic hernia but also the most serious.
If pleural effusion is associated with peritonitis, sometimes resting the membrane for a few weeks will allow mesothelium to reconstitute itself over the defect and pleuroperitoneal communication may reseal.