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Noun1.PPLO - a mycoplasma resistant to antibiotics that causes a kind of pneumonia in humans
mycoplasma - any of a group of small parasitic bacteria that lack cell walls and can survive without oxygen; can cause pneumonia and urinary tract infection
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A single colony was purified on modified pleuropneumonia-like organism agar (Difco, Becton Dickinson France SAS, Le Pont de Claix, France) for molecular identification.
Since Mycoplasma species do not grow in Mueller-Hinton broth, pleuropneumonia-like organism basal medium (PPLO) (Difco Laboratories, Detroit, USA) with added foetal calf serum and yeast extract was prepared according to the method of Hayflick (Hayflick, 1965; Thiaucourt and Di-Maria, 1992).