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 (plī′kāt′) also pli·cat·ed (-kā′tĭd)
Arranged in folds like those of a fan; pleated.

[Latin plicātus, past participle of plicāre, to fold; see plek- in Indo-European roots.]

pli′cate′ly adv.
pli′cate′ness n.
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(ˈplaɪkeɪt) or


(Geological Science) having or arranged in parallel folds or ridges; pleated: a plicate leaf; plicate rock strata.
[C18: from Latin plicātus folded, from plicāre to fold]
ˈplicately adv
ˈplicateness n
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(ˈplaɪ keɪt, -kɪt)

also pli′cat•ed,

folded like a fan; pleated.
[1690–1700; < Latin plicātus, past participle of plicāre to fold; see -ate1]
pli′cate•ly, adv.
pli′cate•ness, n.
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Verb1.plicate - fold into pleats, "Pleat the cloth"
fold, fold up, turn up - bend or lay so that one part covers the other; "fold up the newspaper"; "turn up your collar"
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v. doblar, plegar.
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Then, suturing was continued to plicate atrialized right ventricle up to the anatomical valve annulus.
98 Carpel form (0) ascidiate up to stigma, (1) intermediate (both plicate and ascidiate zones below the stigma) with ovule(s) in the ascidiate zone, (2) completely plicate, or intermediate with some or all ovule(s) in the plicate zone.
Individual beech leaves, for example, grow in a plicate pattern--folded into parallel pleats like a fan.
Briefly, through the presetting approach, a purse-string suture was placed along the infarct area and snored down with a tourniquet to plicate the neck of the aneurysm.
Within the Solanaceae, Cyphomandra belongs to the subfamily Solanoideae and tribe Solaneae, characterized by flattened seeds with curved embryos and abundant endosperm, valvate, induplicate, or plicate corolla a estivation, and filaments inserted near the base of the anthers (Bohs 1995).
China admonished the United States on Monday for sending its ambassador in India to a contested stretch of land on the IndiaA[degrees]China border, warning that a third party's meddling would only comA[degrees] plicate the dispute between Beijing and New Delhi.
He stated that immediate surgery was needed to plicate (fold over) the diaphragm and draw it downward (Langer, Filler, Coles, & Edmonds, 1988).
Basal leaves at anthesis 2-6, blades plicate, linear-ensiform, 14-26 x 0.2-0.5 cm.
But those who know of Charlotte and Kirsty's incredible parallel lives aren't surprised at the plicate due dates.
* Plicate circulares are circumferentially oriented submucosal folds present along most of the length of the small intestine.